Speed Talks and Bonus Content

Two women in cool-weather gear and backpacks looking off into the distance with a large mountain range blurred in the background

We are excited to announce the speed talk and bonus content line-up for SEG 100. All talks will have an interactive chatbox where questions can be posed to the presenter. You will also have the opportunity to speak directly with presenters during scheduled Q&A sessions and virtual networking sessions throughout the conference. All talks will be released as pre-recorded content on the virtual conference platform as follows:

Speed Talks - Game Changers - The First Hundred Years

Targeting Porphyry Copper Deposits at an Orogenic Belt Scale Using Zircon Trace Element Composition: Impact, Application, and Lessons Learned

Robert G. Lee


High Resolution vs. Standard Resolution: How an Increase in Spectral Resolution Using a Field Portable Spectrometer Affects Quality of Data – A Case Study on Nickel Exploration

Lori S. Pieniazek


Age and Rate of Accumulation of Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits: Case Study from the Lucky Strike Vent Field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Dennis Sánchez-Mora

Speed Talks - Lindgren’s Legacy - Ore Deposits in Depth

Technology Metals and Metamorphism: Linking Geologic Environments, Processes, Tools, and Techniques

Anna Bidgood


The Temporal Evolution of the Candelaria IOCG System, Chile: Insights from U-Pb LA-MC-ICP-MS of Apatite, Magnetite, Titanite, and Ar-Ar of Actinolite

Daniel R. Blakemore


Vertical Variability from Epithermal Gold to Porphyry Copper Mineralization: Toodoggone District, Northern British Columbia, Canada

Farhad Bouzari


Redox-Sulfidation Relationships of Porphyry Copper, IOCG and Sediment-Hosted Deposits to Source-Rock Hydrocarbons and Brines: The Tops of Deep Sediment-Hosted Porphyries

George H. Brimhall


Sodic-Calcic Alteration in Porphyry Cu Systems: Definitions, Footprints, and Origins

Kevin Byrne


Composition of Epidote from around the Highland Valley Copper Porphyry Deposits and the nearby Nicola Batholith and Country Rocks: Prospectivity and Footprint Insights

Kevin Byrne


Characteristics and Genesis of Lithocaps in Middle-Lower Yangtze River Metallogenic Belt, China

Jing Chen


The Role of Volatiles in the Metal Budget of Magmatic Sulfide Deposits: Insights from the Lower Crustal Valmaggia Ultramafic Pipe, Ivrea Zone, Italy

Maria Cherdantseva


Exploration-Stage Geometallurgy: A Value-Added Study of the Gold Hill Trend, Black Hills, South Dakota, USA

Thomas Chudy


Ore Paragenesis, Fluid Inclusion and Sulfur Isotope Systematics of the Balatoc Breccia and Vein Orebodies, Acupan Epithermal Deposit, Philippines

Acer Jian Figueroa


A Simple Recipe to Unravel Veladero Mine Mineralization Controls, Argentina

Diego M. Guido


Ore-Forming Processes in Critical Mineral Deposits: Can We Link Hydrothermal Experiments to Exploration in the Field?

Alexander P. Gysi


New Horizons in Magmatic Cu-Ni-PGE Sulfide Exploration: Expanding the Search Space to Alkaline Systems

David A. Holwell


New Constraints on Petrogenesis of the Bajo de la Alumbrera Cu-Au Porphyry System and Other Porphyries of the Farallon Negro Volcanic District (NW Argentina)

Madeleine Ince


Multistage Mineralization Indicated by the Re-Os Geochronology of Low-Level, Highly Radiogenic Sulfides at the Kamioka Pb-Zn Skarn Deposit, Central Japan

Mizuki Ishida


Geologic and Tectonic Setting of Uranium Mineralisation in the Damara Orogen

Thomas L. Jones


Vectors to Porphyry Copper Mineralization in Carbonate Rocks at the Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah, USA

Michael J. Kirschbaum


Celebrating Lindgren and Others: Rebooting Mineral Deposit Classifications

David V. Lefebure


Sr and Nd Sources for Epigenetic Cu ± Au and IOCG Deposits in the Kiruna Mining District Based on Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd Isotope Data

Leslie Logan


Magmatic and Metallogenic Evolution of a Greenstone Belt: The Example of the Chibougamau Area, NE Corner of the Abitibi Subprovince, Canada

Lucie Mathieu


Tracing Crustal-Scale Fluid Pathways Under Cover with Magnetotelluric Imaging: Examples from the Central United States

Benjamin S. Murphy


Petrography and Ore Microscopy of the Homelode Structural Trend, Black Hills, South Dakota, USA; Understanding Trace Element Zonation Patterns on a District Scale

Eric Nowariak


Lithogeochemical Vectors and Mineral Paragenesis of Hydrothermal REE-Bearing Fluorite Veins and Breccia Deposits in the Gallinas Mountains, New Mexico

Evan Owen


Iron-Carbonate Precipitates as Footprint for Hidden Miocene Mineralized Bodies in Jaraña, Puno, Peru

Diana Pajuelo


The Timing of Mineralization in the Mina Justa IOCG System, Peru: Insights from In Situ U-Pb MC-ICP-MS Ages for Apatite, Magnetite, and Titanite

Maria A. Rodriguez-Mustafa


Fluorine-Rich Mafic Lower Crust in the Southern Rocky Mountains: The Role of Preenrichment in Generating Fluorine-Rich Silicic Magmas and Porphyry Mo Deposits

Joshua M. Rosera


Field Analysis of Contrasting Epigenetic Gold and Copper Vein Mineralization, Rouyn-Noranda Mining District, Québec

Marina D. Schofield


Characterization of the Footprint of Hydrothermal Ore-Forming Processes in the Cooke’s Peak Pb-Zn-Ag-F District, New Mexico

Cody D. Schwenk


Ore-Metasomatic Zonation of the Freedom Area, One of the Ore Centers of the Malmyzh Au-Cu Porphyry Deposit

Vasilii V. Svistunov


Breaking Up the Link Between IOCG Genesis and Granitic Magmatism at 2.6-2.5 Ga in the Carajás Province, NW Brazil

Poliana I. Toledo


Timescales and Processes of Au- and Cu-Fertile Magmatic-Hydrothermal Reservoir Accumulation in Continental Arcs

Daniel Wiemer

Speed Talks - Gold 2020s - Golden Past, Precious Future

In Situ LA-ICP-MS Analysis of Fluid Inclusions in Barite and Calcite from Hutti Gold Deposit, India

Kunda Badhe


Physico-Chemical Conditions of Pahardiha- Rungikocha Gold Deposit, North Singhbhum Mobile Belt, Eastern India

Anmol Barla


New Eyes on Old Rocks: A New Structural Model Reinvents a World-class Gold District – Black Hills, South Dakota, USA

Robert Bergmann


Geoscience Integration - A Prospect for Gold Exploration Beyond 2021 in Ghana, West African Craton

Benjamin Boadi


Unraveling the Geological History of the Fenelon Gold Deposit, Québec

Joy M. Carter


Developing An Atlas Of Gold Compositions For British Columbia: A New Tool For The Exploration Community

Robert J. Chapman


Compositional and Textural Features of Natural Gold and Implications for Gold Particle Studies

Robert J. Chapman


Ediacaran-Cambrian Fluid Flow Imprint on Archean Gold Deposits: U-Pb SHRIMP Evidence from the Quadrilátero Ferrífero Metallogenetic Province, Brazil

Tatiana G. Dias


Lifting the Cloak of Invisibility: Gold in Pyrite from the Olympic Dam Deposit, South Australia

Kathy Ehrig


Genesis of the World-Class Dashui Gold Deposit in the West Qinling Orogen, China: Constraints from Petrography, Whole-rock Geochemistry, and Mineral Inclusion Composition

Liang Fan


Micron-scale Trace Element Zoning in Carlin-type and Carlin-like Deposits from Nevada and the Yukon Based on Relative Sensitivity Factor Calibration of NanoSIMS Data

Anne A. Fulton


Orogenic Gold Bonanza Linked to Recycling of Oceanic Exhalative Systems

Marcelo Godefroy Rodriguez


Sulfide, Oxide, Sulfate and Stable (S and C) Isotope Footprints of Au in the Kundana Camp, Western Australia

Marcelo Godefroy Rodriguez


Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Reconnaissance Cathodoluminescence Study of Gold Vein Samples, Eastern Interior Alaska

Garth E. Graham


Origin of Gold Mineralization, Source of Ore Fluid and Structural Controls of Keşkek Hill Gold Mineralization (Gördes, Manisa)

Abitter Gunay


New Findings on the Gold Deportment, Quartz Textures, and Fluid Characteristics in the Red Dot Sulfide Zone at Marigold Mine, Nevada

Dante E. Huff


Geospatial Analysis Delineates Lode Gold Prospectivity in Alaska

Susan M. Karl


Zone Refining in an Epithermal Setting: A Gold Liberation Mechanism at the Klaza Deposit, Yukon

Well-Shen Lee


The Robertson Deposit: Eocene Intrusion Related Gold Deposit in the Northern Shoshone Range, Nevada

Neal Mankins


Ore Paragenesis of Taka Barr Vein, Sangilo Epithermal Deposit, Baguio Mineral District, Philippines

Chelsi Grace S. Mendoza


Role of the Sheeted Veins in the Understanding of the Bonikro Intrusion-Related Gold System, Fettékro Greenstone Belt, Côte d’Ivoire

Zié Ouattara


Gold in Sedimentary Pyrite and its Implications for Ore-forming Processes in the World-class Timmins-Porcupine Au Camp and its Surroundings, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada

Jean-Luc Pilote


Interpretation of Pyrite LA-ICP-MS Maps from the Colosseum Au Mine, Southern California

Nelson Román


Hydrothermal Alteration and Gold Mineralization at the Gruyere Gold Deposit (Yamarna Terrane, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia)

Ravi Schreefel


Multiple Sulfur Isotope and Trace Element Analysis of Pyrite in the Kanowna Belle Deposit, Western Australia: Insights into Fluid Oxidation and Gold Precipitation Processes

Dennis Sugiono


Geological and Structural Characterization of the Odyssey Project, Malartic Mining Camp, Abitibi, QC: Age and Structural Controls on Gold Emplacement

Eliott Théas


A Fluid Inclusion Study of the Auriferous Quartz Veins in the Mesoproterozoic Karagwe-Ankole Belt (Byumba, Rwanda): Petrography, Microthermometry, and Raman Spectroscopy

Sander Wouters


Fe and Cu Isotope Compositions of Sulfides in Several Vein Gold Deposits, China

Jiuhua Xu


The 12.5 Moz Au Sergeevsko-Klyuchevskoe IRGS Cluster (Transbaikalia, Russia) and Yanshanian Gold Metallogeny

Alexander Yakubchuk


1991-2020: Russian Gold Production

Alexander Yakubchuk


The Genesis of the Telluride-Rich Epithermal Gold Deposits: A Perspective of Thermodynamic Modeling

Degao Zhai

Speed Talks - Basins Through Time - Linking Process and Ore Systems

Sulfide Mineral Chemistry Integrated with Principal Component Analysis to Constrain the Ore Genesis of the Morro Agudo Pb-Zn District, Brazil

Colin Aldis


Deducing Different Mineralization Styles of Multi-Stage Sediment-Hosted Cu-Co Deposits: The Dolostone Ore Formation Deposit, Northwestern Namibia

Viktor Bertrandsson Erlandsson


The Occurrence of Vein and Matrix Kyanite Hosted in Carbonates of the Menda Prospect of the Congolese Copperbelt

Anna Bidgood


Potential for Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Mineralization in the Upper Hazelton Group, North-Central British Columbia

Stefanie M. Brueckner


The Central Idaho Mineral Belt- A Big Basin, Basin Busting Batholith, Broken Basement, Bustling Brines, and Ore Deposit Brewing

Christopher Dail


Decoding the Extensive Hydrothermal Alteration at the Kudz Ze Kayah Replacement-Style VMS Deposit, Finlayson Lake District, Yukon

Nikola Denisová


Stages in the History of Brines in the Creede, Colorado Hydrothermal System From Laser Microprobe Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry of K, Cl, Br, I, Ar, Kr, and Xe in Fluid Inclusions.

James J. Irwin


Zinc Sulfide Mineralization Hosted in Marbles of the Proterozoic Grenville Supergroup, Canada: Implications for Base Metal Exploration in High-Grade Terranes

Hannah Lang


δ18O Isotope Review of the Irish Midlands and Implications for Models of Dolomitization

Christopher Reed


Pb-Pb Sulfide Age Constraints on the VHMS Zn-Pb Deposit of the Mundo Novo Greenstone Belt, NE Brazil, and the Metallogenic Implications Along the Contendas-Jacobina Lineament

Ricardo R. Spreafico


Fault-Controlled Stratigraphic Architecture of the Fishtie Cu-Co Deposit in Zambia

Subaru Tsuruoka


Interpreting Basin Processes at Local and District Scales Using Aeromagnetic Surveys Combined with Soil and Drill Hole Geochemistry

Helen Twigg


The Geodynamics and Ore-Forming Process of the Makeng-Type Deposits in Southwestern Fujian Depression Belt, South China

Absai Vatuva


Structural and Geometric Evaluation of the Tom Deposit, Selwyn Basin, Yukon

Quinton Willms


The Copper Kitchen: Observing the Generation of a Cu-Bearing Brine in the Midcontinent Rift System, USA

Simon Jones

Speed Talks - Ore Deposit Structure - Processes, Patterns, and Innovations

Dakotan Tectonic Zone: ca. 1730 Ma Transpressional Shear Zone, Black Hills, SD: Implications for Late Tectonic History and Au Mineralization in Southern Trans-Hudson Orogen

Stephen T. Allard


New U-Pb Sphene Ages Confirm Synchronous Gold Mineralization and Dakotan Tectonic Zone Deformation at Homestake Mine and the Black Hills Region, South Dakota, USA

Stephen T. Allard


A Near-Mine Discovery Revealed by 3D Seismic Data and a New Integrated Structural Model at the Darlot Gold Deposit, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

Ashleigh L. Ball


Stress and Strain in Quartz Veins along the Neoarchean Cadillac-Larder Lake Fault Zone, Abitibi, Canada

Crystal Brochard


Application of X-Ray Computed Microtomography for Quartz-Sulfide Stockwork Study: Drazhnoye Gold Deposit (Yakutia, Russia)

Viktoria Chikatueva


Structural Model of the Drazhnoe Gold Deposit, Yakutia, Russia

Andrey Chitalin


The Geometry and Kinematic History of the Howard's Pass XY Deposits

Darius Kamal


Regional Structural Controls and Emplacement of the Miduk Cu Porphyry from High-Resolution Structural Mapping and Fully Constrained 3D Implicit Geologic Modeling

Corné Koegelenberg


Structural and Lithological Overview of a Polygenetic Mélange in an Evolving Lufilian Arc Foreland Basin, Kolwezi, DRC

Michael-John McCall


Geochemical and Mineralogical Variation of Gold Mineralization Across the Dakotan Tectonic Zone, Black Hills, South Dakota – A Crustal Continuum of Orogenic Gold Deposits

Eric Nowariak


Progressive Shearing and Its Control on the Cavanacaw Gold Vein Deposit, Northern Ireland: Interpreting a Complex Vein System and Implications for Regional Metallogeny

James I. Shaw


Regional Structural Controls on the Evolution of Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Au-Ag Mineralization in Sindirgi, Western Turkey

Berkin Uğurlu


Geologic Setting and Timing of Mineralization at the World-Class Banded Iron Formation-Hosted Amaruq Gold Deposit, Churchill Province, Nunavut, Canada

Manon A. Valette


Predicting Clusters of Gold Mineralization Outside of Resource Model Domains Using Assay Data of Varying Density and Machine Learning Techniques

Farzi Yusufali


Fracture Density and Damage Zone Thickness Associated with Faults at the Resolution Copper Porphyry Deposit

Zacharie A. Zens

Speed Talks - Tectonomagmatism and Porphyry-Epithermal Metallogeny (Tribute to Jeremy P. Richards)

Geology, Geochronology, and Alteration of the High-Sulfidation Epithermal Au-Ag Deposit and Porphyry Cu-Mo Occurrence at the Kirazlı District, Biga Peninsula, Turkey

Ali Aluç


Geologic, Geochemical, and Geophysical Characteristics of the Dalli Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit in Central Iran and Implications for Exploration

Hooshang Asadi Haroni


Abrupt Switch in Magmatic Plumbing to Tap Porphyry Copper-Fertile Magmas

Lawrence C. Carter


Rare Earth Element and Sulfur Partitioning Between Apatite and Hydrothermal Fluids as a Function of Temperature, Fluid Composition, and Oxygen Fugacity

Justin Casaus


Geologic Setting and Mineralization of Gicik Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Au Deposit (North-Central Anatolia)

Akın Çil


A New Discovery in Biga Peninsula: Geologic, Mineralogical-Petrographic, and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of Çatalçam (Soma-Manisa) Au-Pb-Zn-Cu Mineralization

Zehra Deveci Aral


Processes and Mineralogy Involved in the Porphyry-Epithermal System in California Prospect, Tolima (Colombia)

Iván Mateo Espinel Pachón


New Insights into the Genesis of Apatite of the Sorkhe-Dizaj Magnetite Deposit (Tarom, NW Iran) Constrained by Fluid Inclusion Investigation

Shahin Ghahramani


Reconstructing the Geometry and Tectonic Setting of Mid to Late Cretaceous Porphyry Formation in Eastern Interior Alaska

Douglas C. Kreiner


Late Cretaceous Superimposed Porphyry Systems in the Yukon Cordillera: Insights from the Klaza Epithermal System, Dawson Range

Well-Shen Lee


Alteration Zonation and Genesis of the Houkeng Lithocap, East China

Qiuping Liu


Metal Earth in Chibougamau: Neoarchean Magmatism and Its Importance for Mineralizing Processes

Lucie Mathieu


Geologic, Geochronological, Mineralogical, and Geochemical Evidence from the Cretaceous Los Negritos Porphyry Copper Mineralized System, Chile

Miguel Montes


Unveiling the Long-Lived Fertility Signature of Cu-Au Porphyry Systems: Insights from Apatite and Zircon at Tampakan, Philippines

Luis A. Parra-Avila


Stable Isotopic Study of the Drake Goldfield, Northeastern NSW, Australia

Hongyan Quan


Porphyry Vein Generation and Alteration Assemblages in the Deep Mill Level Zone (DMLZ)

Utreck F. Rumbiak


Alteration, Mineralization, and Host-Rock Geochemistry of the Yanıklı Epithermal Prospect, Eastern Pontides, NE Turkey

Şafak U. Sönmez


The Continuum Between Porphyry and Carbonate-Replacement-Type Mineralization Exemplified by the Salinbas Au-Ag and Ardala Cu-Au (Mo-Re) Deposits, NE Turkey

Izak van Coller

Speed Talks - Diversity in Ore Deposits

Potential Field Imaging of the Pembine-Wausau Terrane Wisconsin-Michigan: Implications for Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit Exploration

Eric D. Anderson


An Innovative Tectono-Metallogenic Model for Revitalised Targeting of IOCG-related Deposits in the Gawler Craton

John A. Anderson


Occurrence, Texture, and Mineralogy of Beryl-bearing Yamrang Pegmatite in Ikhabu Pegmatite Field, Eastern Nepal: New Beryl-Columbite Subtype REL Pegmatite from Himalaya

Sushmita Bhandari


Re-Os Isotopic Analyses of Wulfenite (PbMoO4) in the Oxidation Zone of the Alpine Zn(Pb) Deposits

Maria Boni


Multivariate Statistical Studies in the Faina Deposit: Insights on Element Association Fluid Composition and Vectoring Within Ore-Bearing Hydrothermal Systems

Gabriel M. da Silva


Cesium Deposits

Bruce Downing


Miocene IOCG Deposits Associated with the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

Edith Fuentes


Mineralogy and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Carbonatite Dikes in Southern Ravalli County, Montana, USA

Christopher H. Gammons


Triple-Halogen (Cl, Br, I) Systematics of Scapolite from the Tietangdong Fe-Au Skarn Deposit, North China Craton

Wensheng Gao


Trace Element Compositions and Cathodoluminescence Textures of Apatite from Neoarchean and Paleoproterozoic Fe Oxide Cu-Au (IOCG) Deposits of the Carajás Province, Brazil

Raphael B. Hunger


In-Situ LA-ICP-MS Trace Elements and U-Pb Geochronometry of Melanite Garnet: The Eocene Mengya’a Skarn Pb-Zn Polymetallic Deposit in Gangdese Belt, Tibet of China

Xiaojia Jiang


Unraveling the Genesis of Fe-Ti Oxide-bearing Ultramafic Intrusions in the Duluth Complex, Minnesota, USA

Jackie M. Kleinsasser


Indium Mineralization in the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Deposits of Herberton Mineral Field, Northeast Queensland, Australia

Avish A. Kumar


Evaluation of Magnetite in Stream Sediments at the Casino Porphyry Copper-Gold-Molybdenum Deposit, Central Yukon as an Indicator Mineral and Vectoring Tool

Martin W. McCurdy


Geology of the REE Mineral Deposits in the Gallinas Mountains (Gallinas District), Lincoln County, New Mexico; Update from New Mapping and Geochemical Sampling

Virginia T. McLemore


The Naka-Osaka Magnetite Ore Deposit is the First IOA (Kiruna) Type in Japan

Atsushi Miyashita


Nonsulfide Zinc-Lead-Vanadium Ores in the Kihabe and Nxuu Prospects (Aha Hills, Botswana) - A Mineralogical Insight

Nicola Mondillo


Alunite Supergroup Minerals from an Acid-Sulfate Alteration Assemblage in the Southern Atacama Desert as Indicators of Paleo-Hydrothermal and -Supergene Environments

Jorge E. Morales-Leal


Geology, Hydrothermal Alteration and Ore Geochemistry of Prospect-47, Alta Floresta Gold Province, Brazil: The First Insights into a New Cu ± Au ± Mo Prospect

Danilo Pineschi


Constraints on Conditions of Mineralization in the Quartz-Hübnerite Breccia Pipe of the Western Dunmore Vein System, Silver Gulch, Colorado

Diego Schutz


Linking All Valuable Primary Resources to Volcanic Glass

Peter B. Schwann


Geology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of the Intrusion-Related Polymetallic Quartz Veins at Laodikino, Serbo-Macedonian Massif, N. Greece

Christos L. Stergiou


Geology and Genesis of the Nam Xe Carbonatite-Associated REE Deposit in NW Vietnam

Yue Sun


Identifying Cotectic and Xenomelt Magmatic Sulfides Using R-factor and S-isotope Variability in the Mount Keith MKD5 Komatiite-Hosted Nickel Deposit

Anne B. Virnes


Geology of the Boleras Deposit: A Tertiary, Stratiform, Disseminated Silver Deposit in the Mesa Central, Durango, Mexico

Ben Whiting


Antimony Isotope Fractionation in Hydrothermal Systems and its Potential Exploration Application

Degao Zhai


Identifying Potential Porphyry Copper Deposits at the Zhunuo Ore-Cluster District in Western Gangdese, Tibet: Insights from SWIR Spectrometry and Geochemical Anomalies

Shunli Zheng

Speed Talks - Beyond 2021 - The Next Hundred Years

Geophysical Data Interpretation in a 3D Environment Provides Insights into Porphyry Copper Systems near Silverton, Colorado

Eric D. Anderson


Carbonatites in India through Time and Space: A Review and Implications for REE Exploration

Malcolm Aranha


Prospectivity Modeling of NE India for REE Deposits Associated with Carbonatites and Alkaline Complexes

Malcolm Aranha


Critical Minerals and the New Energy Enterprise for Oil and Gas and Mining Companies of the 21st Century: Why and How

David Beckett


Geochemical Neural Network Classification of Indicator Minerals Based on Associated Diamond Content

Diana Benz


Future Mineral Exploration

Diana M. Benz


Seismic Detection of Permeability and What It Could Mean for Exploration

Lawrence Cathles III


Road to the Future: What Ore Deposit Study Should Focus on Beyond 2020

Huayong Chen


Cobalt and MVT Zn-Pb-Ag in the Italian Alps

Marcello de Angelis


CO2 Storage Potential in Mine Tailing in Brazil: An Initial Approach

Saulo B. de Oliveira


N’tsi Tatay: A New Look at Windy Craggy

Bruce Downing


A New LA-ICP-MS Approach to Quantifying Variable Gold Deportment within Pyrite for Complex Orebodies

Angela J. Escolme


The Distribution and Redox State of Arsenic in Low- to Medium-Temperature Massive Sulfides

Daniel D. Gregory


Critical Mineral Potential of the United States: Why do we care? What and Where?

Jane M. Hammarstrom


From Deep Space to Shallow Crusts and Asteroids: Muons as One Possible Tool in the Future of Mineral Exploration, Planetary Missions, and Asteroid Mining

Marko Holma


Exploration of Lunar In Situ Resources Can Be Conducted by Applying Density-Sensitive Cosmic-Ray-Based Geophysical Muon Imaging Method Called Muography

Marko Holma


Increasing Efficiency Through Understanding Geological Controls on Grade Engineering

Julie Hunt


Reading Minerals: Rare Element Enrichment, the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition, and Geochemical Exploration of Lithium Pegmatites in Ireland

David Kaeter


Cluster Analysis of Magnetite Geochemistry to Infer Subtypes of Magnetite

Timothy C. Lui


The Degree of Undercooling and Critical Metal Mineralization Potential of Granitic Pegmatites

Dalton M. McCaffrey


Identifying Critical Mineral Resources in New Mexico

Virginia T. McLemore


Gold-Telluride Ore Deposits: Tellurium Mineral Economics, Resource Assessment, and Potential Value Add

Brian A. McNulty


Drilling Down into Geophysics to Uncover British Columbia’s Next Porphyry Deposits

Dianne Mitchinson


Machine Learning for Geochemical Exploration: Classifying Magma Fertility in Arcs and Insights into Porphyry Copper Deposit Formation

Chetan Nathwani


The Occurrence of Gold Mineralization in (Eastern and Western) Dharwar Craton, Karnataka India: Avenues for Looking Beyond 2021

Sunder Raju V. Perumala


The Hydrothermal Mobility of Vanadium: Insights from Modeling with Implications for the Vanadium Enrichment of Iron Oxide-Apatite Deposits

Maria A. Rodriguez-Mustafa


Seven Discoveries - Seven Insights

John C. Rowntree


Using ASTER Mineral and Vegetation Maps in the U.S. Basin and Range to Evaluate and Assess Lithium-Rich Playas

Federico Solano


Adaptive Feature Detection for Improved Measurement of Structural Orientations Using Core Imagery

Laurel A. Stothers


Geoscientists: Explorers and Architects of the New Energy Economy

Edith Newton Wilson

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