Students and Early Career

Student and Early Career Programs

Students and early career professionals (<10 years of experience) bring innovative ideas and new skillsets into the workforce but starting a career in economic geology can be challenging. Our committees have designed events during the conference to build connections with peers and to support the career advancement for those beginning their career. There are events and activities for you whether you are attending the conference in person or virtually, so be sure to join us by registering below. Many are free or at a reduced cost to make them more accessible.

Events listed below are preliminary. Dates and times subject to change.

Professional Development

Mentor-Mentee Program

Making that first connection with somebody new at a conference can be daunting. This year's conference features a new Mentor-Mentee Program. Students or early career professionals are paired with a seasoned geologist, willing and ready to share their experiences and insights in industry and conference-attending. Expectations of the program include meeting once with your mentor/mentee; all other interactions throughout the conference are encouraged but not obligatory. In-person attendees will be paired with each other, and virtual attendees will be paired with one another. 

Round Table Discussions

Making its way back to this year's conference is a roundtable discussion with students and early career professionals! We have a diverse group of industry, university, and government professionals ready to provide advice on various themes. Table topics include:

  • Common misconceptions in industry.
  • Work-life balance in geology.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • How to have a successful conference experience.
  • Career differences in academia, industry, and government.
  • Career differences in major companies, junior companies, and consulting companies.
  • What students are expected to know upon graduating.

This event is restricted to in-person attendees, and registration will be capped at 70 participants.


Workshops are designed to complement the scope of the conference. Two events are scheduled specifically for students and/or early career professionals. Reduced rates for students are available. For additional information, refer to the workshops page.

  • WS01 - Lithium and Rare Earth Element Mineral Deposits (Details)
  • WS03 - Discovery to Recovery: The Life Cycle from Exploration through Mining to Reclamation (Details)


Scavenger Hunt

Want to know how to have a successful conference experience? Join the SEG’s first scavenger hunt geared towards early career professionals and students! By registering, you will receive a list of tasks intended to push you toward socializing and networking to ensure a positive, fulfilling conference experience. Virtual attendees will be provided a tasks sheet with items that can be completed from their computer; meanwhile, in-person attendees will be provided with tasks that require interaction at the conference venue. A limited number of attendees that complete their tasks first will be awarded prizes!

Bike Bar Student-Industry Mixer

Join us on a bike stroll through Denver as we make our way to three local bars that feature fun activities like arcade games and cornhole! In this Student-Industry Mixer, you will be one of sixteen conference attendees pedaling on the bike and working towards the common goal of getting to the next venue. Registrants must be over the age of 21, and registration is capped at 48 participants. This event is restricted to in-person attendees.

Jeopardy at the SCALE Bar

We will be hosting virtual networking sessions at times convenient to each SEG region at the SCALE Bar. This will be an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow conference attendees and student chapter members (using Spatial Chat) that encourages small group discussions.

SEG Student Chapters from different parts of the globe will be leading various virtual-jeopardy sessions at times that are convenient to specific time zones at the SCALE Bar (using Spatial Chat). Join us at the SCALE Bar where you will be able to show off your geologic knowledge while connecting with new people from around the world. There will be opportunities to meet the various individuals you are competing against after the brief jeopardy game.

Student Support

SEG Student Members whose abstracts are accepted will be considered for financial assistance thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Additional details can be found on the abstracts page.