Early Career Professionals Committee


The Early Career Professionals (ECP) Committee shall promote participation in the Society by early career professionals through increased involvement in activities and events that bridge the gap between students and mid- to late-career professionals. The committee shall advise SEG Council on the concerns of early career professionals and assist with the implementation of proposed innovations and changes in the Society and Foundation programs to benefit both this group as well as senior students. The committee will increase the communication, coordination and representation of early career professionals within all international regions and, as appropriate, coordinate activities with the SEG Regional Vice Presidents.


The ECP Committee functions include, but are not limited to, activities that encourage the involvement of early career professionals in the Society. The committee will be tasked to increase the communication between groups with different experience ranges, including student members, and the Society. The committee will provide important feedback through surveys and/or focus groups to SEG Council to better gauge industry trends and their effects on early career professionals in particular.

What is an Early Career Professional as Defined by SEG?

Early career professionals with less than 10-15 years industry* experience.

* 'Industry' experience includes geoscientist positions across the Minerals industry, post-graduate academia and Government geological surveys.

Objectives (CY2018)

  • Connect ECP members online via SEG-based website and social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Publish ECP survey results in the SEG Newsletter
  • Quarterly ECP Perspectives articles
  • Student and SEG Early Career Professionals Forum at the SEG 2018 Conference in Keystone, Colorado
  • Regular ECP meetings with general SEG member base utilizing local SEG Student Chapter branches, globally

ECP Perspectives Column

SEG members can access articles contributed by the ECP on the SEG Newsletters page.

Perspectives Article Archive

"Early Career Professionals Gone Astray: Their Problem or Ours?"
Tea E. Laurila, SEG Newsletter, April 2018, Number 113, p 28

"A Transition Within a Transition: Challenges Facing Many Young Geoscientists"
Sophie Hancock, SEG Newsletter, January 2018, Number 112, p 21

"Economic Geology: The Rewards, Pitfalls, and Future Directions"
Jesse M. Clark, SEG Newsletter, July 2017, Number 110, p 23

Meet the Committee Members

N. Duncan Proctor

N. Duncan Proctor

Immediate Past-Chair (USA)

Jesse Clark

Jesse Clark

Chair (Australia)

Not Available

Vacant Position

Contact us if you are interested in joining the ECP!

Chris Siron

Chris Siron

USA Representative

Kunfeng Qiu

Kunfeng Qiu

China Representative

Thomas Krebs

Thomas Krebs

Africa Representative

Tea Laurila

Tea Laurila

Europe Representative


If you have any questions about the committee or becoming part of ECP, please send an e-mail to