Committee on Committees Guidelines

The purpose of the Committee on Committees is to compile a list of qualified candidates for those committee positions that will become open at the beginning of the President-Elect's term as President. Members will work together to identify and recommend candidates to fill vacancies on the following committees: Distinguished Lecturer, Fellowship Admissions, Lindgren Award, International Exchange Lecturer, Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer, and Student Affairs.

Composition and Term

The Committee on Committees shall consist of six members, including a Chair, selected by the President-Elect in consultation with the President, and subject to approval by the SEG Executive Committee. Committee members must be appointed by January 31 to serve until December 31.

Chair and Member Guidelines


  1. Obtain the Committee on Committee report and all other relevant correspondence from the previous Chair of the Committee on Committees.
  2. Provide each committee member with a copy of the guidelines, a copy of the report of the previous Committee on Committees and a list of the positions to be filled.
  3. Coordinate overall Committee activities and solicit recommendations from each Committee member to ensure a strong slate of nominees in accordance with SEG criteria and within the designated time period.
  4. Maintain close liaison with the President-Elect during the candidate selection process regarding progress and potential candidates.
  5. By August 1, the Committee Chair contacts candidates to confirm their willingness and availability to serve. New proposed committee chairs must also be contacted to confirm their willingness to serve as chair of their respective committees for the following year. Alternate candidates are not contacted at this time.
  6. Prepare and submit the final report to the President-Elect for review.
  7. President-Elect submits final report to the Executive Director by August 31.


  1. Between February and July, the Committee will compile a list of one recommended candidate and one alternate candidate for each of the vacant committee positions. All Society Fellows and Members, in good standing, are eligible for committee assignments and should be given consideration. The previous year’s list of candidates considered, but not selected, should be a source for potential nominees. A preliminary list is prepared by the Committee for review by the President-Elect.
  2. The Committee should make every attempt to maintain a balance reflecting the general composition of Society membership among industry, academia, and government representatives on each committee.
  3. In order to obtain Council approval of the nominees on a timely basis, the Committee on Committees report, coupled with any nominee documentation received, must be presented to the Executive Director not later than August 31.
  4. Upon acceptance by the President-Elect, the report is forwarded to the Executive Director for distribution to the Council prior to the last SEG business meeting of the calendar year.

Critical Dates and Deadlines

Date Action Item
January 1 President-Elect assumes office
January 31 Committee on Committees members proposed by the President-Elect and approved by the Executive Committee serve until December 31
February-July Committee compiles list of candidates and alternates and presents to President-Elect
August 1 Candidates are contacted by Committee Chair and asked about their willingness and availability to serve
August 31 Committee on Committees Report presented to Executive Director after review by the President-Elect
September Report forwarded by Executive Director to Council for approval
November Following Council approval, the Committee Chair will notify the selected nominees and new committee chairs, advising them of their appointments, responsibilities, and terms commencing January 1

Last revision: March 2015