Nominating Committee Guidelines

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to identify and recommend qualified Fellows of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) to the SEG Council for approval as candidates for SEG elected offices.

Composition and Term

By January 31 of each year, the then Past President, in consultation with the President, shall select a Nominating Committee consisting of six Fellows, five of whom shall be chosen from the Fellowship at large, and the sixth from the Councilors to serve as the Chair. Members of the Nominating Committee shall serve a one-year term and shall provide the Past President with a list of nominees for each of the elective offices for the following Society Year. A report, including the slate of nominations, shall be submitted by the Past President to the Executive Director not later than May 31 of the year during which the Nominating Committee serves.

Chair Guidelines

The Chair is responsible for the following:

  1. Overall process of identifying qualified candidates for SEG officer and Councilor positions.
  2. Assumes leadership in researching potential candidates.
  3. Delegates responsibilities to other Committee members as appropriate.
  4. Provides each Committee member with a copy of the guidelines and ensures that each member is aware of the current activities and overall objectives of the Society.
  5. Maintains close liaison with the Past President during the candidate selection process.
  6. Prepares and submits the final report of recommended nominees to the Past President for review and approval.

Member Guidelines

Prior to contacting prospective candidates, the Nominating Committee should:

  1. Obtain and review a copy of the previous Nominating committee’s final report to include details of the selection process and original list of qualified candidates.
  2. Review files and confer with previous Nominating Committee to become familiar with prior research.
  3. Contact SEG Officers, Councilors and others to solicit the names of suggested candidates.
  4. Obtain and review service records from the SEG office for those being considered as candidates. Candidates should have a strong record of previous SEG service in a variety of capacities. The quality of service to SEG should be evaluated when reviewing a prospective candidate’s past positions.
  5. Consider a prospective candidate’s ability to participate fully in regularly scheduled SEG meetings and related Society functions.
  6. The Committee should make every attempt to maintain a balance reflecting the general composition of Society membership among industry, academia, and government representatives on the slate of recommended candidates for Officers and Councilors.

Following the initial screening process, the Nominating Committee should:

  1. Compile a preliminary list of at least two candidates and one alternate for each office. After discussion with the Past President, a preferred slate of candidates is assembled.
  2. Preferred candidates are contacted by the Committee Chair to see if they would be willing to serve if approved by Council and elected to office. Candidates willing to serve are asked to submit (1) a curriculum vitae (cv) or resumé which summarizes their professional experience, previous SEG service, education, awards/honors received and any other information pertinent to the office for which they are being considered, and (2) a brief, one-page vision statement outlining (a) the critical and/or substantive issues facing SEG, (b) specific objectives for the Society and (c) an indication of how such objectives might be achieved.
  3. The final list of candidates, together with supporting material, is submitted to the Past President for review and approval.
  4. The list of candidates must be delivered to the SEG Executive Director not later than May 31 of the same calendar year as the Committee appointment. The Executive Director submits the nominations to SEG Council for review and action.
  5. The slate of candidates approved by Council is placed on a ballot (paper or electronic) prepared by the Executive Director and submitted to SEG membership for election in July of each year. Elected Officers and Councilors begin their terms on January 1 of the year that the President-Elect becomes President.

Critical Dates and Deadlines

  • January 31*: Past President, in consultation with the President, appoints six SEG Fellows to serve on the Nominating Committee, including a Councilor as Chair.
  • February – May: Solicit names of candidates from SEG Officers and Councilors.
  • May 24: Preferred candidates contacted by Committee Chair and final list with accompanying resumes and pertinent documents submitted to Past President for review and approval.
  • May 31: A report, including the slate of nominations, shall be submitted by the Past President to the Executive Director not later than May 31.
  • June 15: Executive Director will present slate to Council not later than June 15.
  • July: Executive Director submits the approved slate of Officers and Councilors to the SEG membership for election.

* Informal canvassing of Nominating Committee candidates should take place prior to January 1 to provide sufficient time for the Committee’s work.

Last revision: October 2003