Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer Sub-Committee

The Society Traveling Lecturers Committee (TLC) is responsible for soliciting nominations for the Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer, International Exchange Lecturer, and Regional Vice President Lecturer positions as described in Article X, Section 10.1(f) of the SEG Bylaws. The Chair of the Society Traveling Lecturers Committee is the Vice President for Regional Affairs.

Composition and Term

The Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer Sub-Committee consists of four members, including a Coordinator, with each to serve a three-year term. The Vice President for Regional Affairs is the Traveling Lecturers Committee Chair and oversees this subcommittee.

Purpose and Function

The Sub-Committee annually solicits and receives nominations from its committee members and the Society membership-at-large for candidates to serve as Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturers. Lecturers shall be selected on the basis of widely recognized expertise in a field of economic geology, known competence as a public speaker, and the ability to represent the Society as an enthusiastic and effective ambassador. The Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer shall lecture primarily at colleges and universities having geologic programs related to economic geology. Committee members who provide nominations must declare any conflicts of interest.

The Sub-Committee reviews, evaluates and ranks the nominations, and reports its recommendations, in ranked order, to the Chair of the Traveling Lecturers Committee. The Chair includes these recommendations in his/her report to Council upon which the Council reviews and makes the final selection.

A call for Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer nominations should be published in the April issue of the SEG Newsletter with the request that nominations be forwarded to the Coordinator of the Sub-Committee and SEG headquarters. The call may be repeated in subsequent e-mail broadcasts as well. The recommendations of the Committee, together with supporting data, should reach the Chair no later than August 15 each year

It is strongly recommended that the committee submit to the SEG Council the names of at least two qualified candidates. If the recommended candidate is unable to serve as a Lecturer, the alternate will be selected.

When the Lecturers are selected and approved by Council, the Lecturers shall be notified by the Society. The lecture tour itineraries will be coordinated by the Traveling Lecturers Secretary in consultation with the Lecturers.

Amplified Criteria for Selection of the Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturers

  1. Good speakers. This is the essential criterion. Delivery must be dynamic and engaging.
  2. Proven scientific expertise in a field of economic geology and/or mineral resources.
  3. Good recruiters. The lecturers speak at universities and colleges with economic geology programs. The purpose of their lecture is to get students excited about careers in the science and/or business of exploration and mining geology. They should promote SEG membership and the benefits of SEG student programs.
  4. Strong preference for nominee(s) to be an SEG Fellow.

Specific Functions of the Coordinator and Chair


  • Contact preceding coordinator of the Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer Sub-Committee to request a copy of the previous report along with files for eligible carryover candidates who were not selected.
  • Ensure that no selections/recommendations are finalized before the nomination deadline date of July 15.
  • Contact nominees to (1) ascertain their willingness to accept lectureship should they be selected by Council and (2) inquire about lecture topics.
  • Ensure that recommendations and supporting documentation are adequate and complete, and that the Committee’s report is forwarded to the Chair (VP for Regional Affairs) no later than the deadline date of August 15.


  • Oversee the Society lecturer committees' (International Exchange Lecturer Sub-Committee, Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer Sub-Committee, and Regional Vice President Lecturer Sub-Committee) candidate short lists to avoid duplication of lecturer nominees.
  • Liaise with SEG Awards Committee Chair and SEG Distinguished Lecturer Committee Chair to ensure no duplication of nominees.
  • Ensure that there is widespread geographic distribution among all lecturer nominees.
  • Send sub-committee recommendations and final report to Executive Director for Council agenda book by August 31.

Critical Dates and Deadlines

Date Action Item Responsible Party
January Committee Welcome Coordinator
February 28 Call for nominations; April SEG Newsletter copy deadline Traveling Lecturers Committee Secretary
March-July Solicit and receive nominations Committee
July 15 Nominations deadline Coordinator to distribute nominations to committee
July 15-31 Deliberation and selection Committee
August 1-14 Contact nominee(s) to ascertain willingness to accept lectureship Coordinator
August 15 Recommendations and Report Coordinator to Chair
August 31 Final report to Executive Director for Council agenda book Chair, Vice President for Regional Affairs

Documentation to Accompany Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer Nominations

The following outline lists the information needed by the Committee, and provides a uniform basis for consideration of all nominees. Nominee information should also be included in the final report to the Executive Director for the Council agenda book.

  1. Name
  2. Resumé/CV
  3. Digital color photo (for website/newsletter announcement)

Biographical Sketch of Thayer Lindsley, Benefactor of the Award

(courtesy of research by Jeffrey Hedenquist and biographical notes written by Duncan Derry)

  • Considered a legendary figure in Canadian mining.
  • Born 1882 in Yokohama. Died 1976. Degree in Civil Engineering from Harvard. Did post-graduate work in geology and mining engineering at Columbia. Went to Canada in 1924 to work for McIntyre Porcupine Mines.
  • He, his brother, and several other partners formed "Ventures Ltd." Lindsley acquired claims in Sudbury that were put into a subsidiary, the newly formed Falconbridge Nickel Co. Ltd. Acquired a Norwegian refinery and the rights to the refining process. Acquired other properties including Sherritt Gordon, Giant Yellowknife, Canadian Malartic and more than 180 other properties.
  • Ventures and its properties were folded into Falconbridge Nickel in 1962.
  • Said, "Finding a mine is nothing. You have to have men who can make them."
  • It was said that Lindsley "could "see into rocks" and this seems the most likely explanation for his uncanny perception of geology that allowed him to build..." the Falconbridge empire. He was reported to have the ability to remember the necessary geologic details that allowed him to sift valuable properties from lesser ones, and the ability to quickly and accurately recognize tremendous geologic and economic potential and to make an acquisition decision. He was reported to be single-minded and energetic.
    —From the book, "The Discoverers," 1982, Hanula et al., eds., Pitt Publishing Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Last revision: February 2015