Privacy Policy [effective through May 24, 2018]

Last Updated: June 15, 2016 (the "Site") is operated by the Society of Economic Geologists, Inc. ("SEG", "we", "us", or "our").

This Internet Privacy Policy (this "Policy") describes generally how SEG collects, uses, and transfers the personal information we collect through this Site. Because privacy laws vary from state to state within the United States and from country to country around the world, this Policy may be supplemented or amended by state or country-specific disclosures ("Privacy Notice(s)"), which will be provided to you at the time and on the page where you provide the personal information to which they apply.

As used in this Policy and any Privacy Notice, the term "personal information" means information that identifies you personally, alone or in combination with other information available to us.

Your Consent

By using this Site, you are consenting to the collection, use, and transfer of your personal information as described in this Policy (and any Privacy Notices that apply to you).

If you do not consent to the collection, use and transfer of your personal information as described in this Policy (and any Privacy Notices that apply to you), you may not use this Site.

This Privacy Policy May Change

SEG reserves the right to update or modify this Policy and any Privacy Notice, at any time and without prior notice, by posting the revised version of the Policy or Privacy Notice on this Site. If we modify this Policy or any Privacy Notice, the modifications will only apply to the personal information we collect after we have posted the revised Policy or Privacy Notice on this Site.

Why We Collect Personal Information

Why do we collect your personal information? Because it helps us deliver superior products and services to our members and interested consumers. Specifically, we need to collect information from you for the following reasons (which is a representative, not an exhaustive, list): (i) so you can register online for SEG conferences and events, (ii) so you can subscribe to SEG publications, (iii) so you can apply for SEG membership, (iv) so you can submit advertisements for display in SEG publications, and (v) so you can apply for grants from SEG. Also, your personal information helps us keep you posted on the latest announcements, offers, and events that you might like to hear about.

Your Choices

We respect your right to make choices about the ways we collect, use, and transfer your personal information. This Policy describes some of your choices. In some cases, we will ask you to indicate your choices at the time and on the page where you provide your personal information.

What Information Is Collected on this Site and How Is It Used?

When you access and use this Site, there are three ways we may collect information about you:

1. Information You Knowingly and Voluntarily Provide

SEG collects the information you knowingly and voluntarily provide when you use the Site, for example, the information you provide to become an SEG member or register for an SEG conference or event. Also, you may need to provide information in order to subscribe to an SEG journal or newsletter, apply for an SEG grant, participate in one of our surveys, request information from SEG, or when you ask us a question or send us feedback. In many cases, this information will include your email address and other personal information. Remember - you may always choose not to provide SEG with personal information. However, if you choose to not provide certain personal information, SEG may not be able to provide you with the product or service you desire.

SEG uses this personal information for the purposes for which you provide it. For example, SEG uses your personal information to complete your membership application and registration process or to confirm your subscription to an SEG journal. If we are permitted to do so under applicable law, we may also use the information we collect through this Site for various other business purposes such as customer service, fraud prevention, market research, improving our products and services, and to contact you and your company (if applicable) with information and offers we believe may be of interest to you. In addition, we may remove all the personal information and use the rest for historical, statistical, or scientific purposes.

Email Addresses

SEG collects email address information from you when you enter your email address on this Site. SEG collects email address information from you so that we may confirm and/or deliver your subscription; communicate with you regarding your order or registration; and alert you to other SEG programs and services that may be of interest to you. Often times, our "topical" programs are only advertised through email.

You may "opt out" of receiving these email notices at any time. To opt out of receiving email notices from us please reply to any SEG email and replace the subject line with "Unsubscribe" or send an email to, providing your name and email address so we can identify your email address in our database and record your request.

2. Information Sent to Us by Your Web Browser

As is true of most Web sites, SEG gathers certain information automatically and stores it in log files. This information typically includes the IP address of your Internet service provider, the name of your operating system (such as Windows® or Macintosh®); and the name and version of your browser (such as Google Chrome® or Internet Explorer®). The information we receive depends on the settings on your web browser. Please check your browser if you want to learn what information your browser sends or how to change your settings.

This type of information does not identify you personally. Unless you access this Site through an email we have sent you or have created a "user identity" by logging on during one of your visits, this information will not be linked to information that identifies you personally. We use this information to create statistics that help us improve our sites and make them more compatible with the technology used by our Internet visitors.

3. Information Collected By Placing a "Cookie" On Your Computer

SEG may obtain information about you by installing a "tag" on your computer's hard drive. This tag is known as a "cookie." The SEG server will remember your information/choices during a session. Most cookies expire when you close your browser.

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may set your browser to reject cookies or to alert you when a cookie is placed on your computer. Although you are not required to accept cookies when you visit this Site, you may be unable to use all of the functionality of the site if your browser rejects our cookies.

Sharing and Transferring Personal Information

SEG may share your personal information with business affiliates of SEG. When we do so, these other businesses will use your information in the same manner we do. For example, if they are permitted to do so under applicable law, they may use the information we collected through this Site for market research, to improve their products and services, and to contact you and your company with information and offers they believe may be of interest to you. In addition, they may remove all the personally identifiable information and use the rest for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.

SEG may also share your personal information with companies we hire to perform support services for us, such as web hosting or credit card processing. These third parties are required by contract to use the personal information we share with them only to perform services on our behalf and to treat your personal information as strictly confidential.

In addition, SEG may share your personal information with carefully selected partners. These partners may use the information we share to provide special opportunities and offers to you related to SEG's mission and goals.

In certain, limited circumstances we may share or transfer personal information to unrelated third parties. For example, we may provide personal information to a third party (i) at your request; (ii) to comply with a legal requirement or court order; (iii) to investigate a possible crime, such as identity theft; or (iv) in connection with the sale, purchase, merger, reorganization, liquidation, or dissolution of SEG. If such an event occurs, we will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information.

While it is in our possession, your personal information will generally be stored in SEG databases or databases maintained by our service providers. Most, if not all, of these databases will be stored on servers and storage devices located in the United States. United States data protection laws may not provide as much protection as the data protection laws in force in your country. If you are located in a country outside the United States, by using this Site you consent to the transfer of your personal information to the United States.

Security of Personal Information

Although we maintain reasonable safeguards to protect your personal information against unauthorized disclosure, misuse or alteration, we cannot guarantee the security of systems that are connected to the Internet nor can we guarantee the security of information transmitted over the Internet.

Links to Third Party Internet Sites

This Site may contain links to other Web sites operated by SEG or one of its affiliates. It may also contain links to third-party Web sites that neither SEG nor SEG's affiliates control. This Policy applies only to personal information collected through this Site and does not apply to personal information collected on any other Web site operated by SEG, nor by SEG's affiliates, nor to personal information collected on third-party Web sites. If you access other Web sites through a link on this Site, please take a few minutes to review the terms of use and privacy statement posted on each Web site you visit.

Access to Personal Information

If you would like to review, correct, and update the personal information you have provided to us through this Site, please visit; or contact SEG Member Services at We will use commercially reasonable efforts to comply with your request.

Retention of Personal Information

SEG retains the personal information collected on this Site as long as necessary to provide the services, products, and information you request or as permitted by applicable law.

Governing Law

SEG is a United States not-for-profit, tax-exempt (501C3) corporation. This Agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of Colorado, United States of America without regard to its conflicts of law provisions.

Questions about this Policy or our Data Practices

If you have questions or concerns about this Policy or any Privacy Notice, please contact us at