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Daniel G. Wood 2012 SEG Distinguished Lecturer, Daniel G. Wood, presented his talk, Crucial Challenges to Discovery and Mining: Tomorrow's Deeper Ore Bodies, at the SEG 2012 Conference in Lima, Peru. Read Dan's bio and view the full and text-only presentation.

M. Stephen Enders M. Stephen Enders, giving the SEG Presidential address at the GSA session, Role of Mineral Resources for a Healthy Society, argued for domestic production of resources in the developed world on the basis of high standards of environmental and social practices, innovation and the potential to export technology thus developed, and supply-chain disruptions from non-domestic producers of many non-fuel metals and minerals. He stressed that all geoscientists have a role to play in communicating the need for and benefit of resources for a healthy society.

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Also read the entire Kitco News interview from March 16, 2011, Mining Industry Faces Potential Geologist Shortage, with M. Stephen Enders, President, Society of Economic Geologists.
By Debbie Carlson of Kitco News.

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