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Lecturer Series


The four SEG Traveling Lecturers are selected, annually, by the SEG Distinguished Lecturer Committee and the SEG Traveling Lecturers Committee comprising of the following three sub-committees; International Exchange Lecturer, SEG Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer, and SEG Regional Vice President. Nominations, submitted to SEG headquarters, are welcome from all SEG members and fellows through July 15th of each year. The final selections and recommendations from all committees are reviewed and approved at the fall SEG Council Meeting. All new SEG Traveling Lecturers will tour between January 1 and December 31 of the next year.

How to Invite an SEG Lecturer

Use the links below to review talk titles, biography, and to invite a lecturer. From the lecturer's web page, check their calendar for availability and submit your request. Please invite only one lecturer at a time. With the exception of SEG Conferences, only one lecturer is allowed each year per location due to budget considerations.

2018 SEG Lecturer

Christoph A. HeinrichSEG Distinguished Lecturer

The SEG Distinguished Lecturer is selected on the basis of preeminence in economic geology, either on some phase of scientific research or on the application of the science to minerals exploration and/or development. One or two lectures are presented at regularly scheduled SEG conferences. This lecturer may or may not be available to accept additional requests.

Christoph A. Heinrich (SEG 1990 F)

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2018 SEG Traveling Lecturers

Alan J. WilsonInternational Exchange Lecturer

The International Exchange Lecturer is selected on the basis of widely recognized research in ore deposits science and/or exploration methodology. Lecture sites are selected on the basis of the greatest possible involvement of academic, industry and government-based economic geologists.

Alan J. Wilson (SEG 1995 F)

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John H. DillesThayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer

The Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer is selected on the basis of widely recognized expertise in a field of economic geology. Lecture sites will be primarily at colleges and universities having geologic programs related to mineral resources.

John H. Dilles (SEG 1987 F)

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Lena Virgínia Soares MonteiroRegional Vice President Lecturer

One or more Regional Vice President Lecturers shall be selected annually on the basis of widely recognized expertise in a field of economic geology. Lecturers shall give a series of lectures within the Society Regions in which the lecturers reside, and the lectureships shall alternate among the various Regions.

Lena Virgínia Soares Monteiro (SEG 2008)

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Previous Lecturers and Talk Titles

Honorary Lecturers

Honorary Lecturers are periodically selected on the basis of their outstanding reputation in the field of economic geology. These lecturers travel widely as part of their normal activities and frequently visit areas not well served by other SEG Traveling Lecturers. Although not funded by the Society, SEG Honorary Lecturers constitute a key part of the Society's outreach, improving awareness of SEG and understanding of economic geology. All travel costs associated with honorary lecturer visits may be the responsibility of the host.

To invite an Honorary Lecturer, please contact

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