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Before You Begin

SEG begins its annual dues renewal process in September of each year. If you join before August 31, your membership will expire on December 31 of that same year. If you wait and join on/after September 1, your membership will be valid through December 31 of the following year (you will also receive access to SEG member benefits for the remainder of the current year). Print subscriptions to Economic Geology and/or SEG Newsletter will begin the following year. If you have any questions, please contact

Before applying, please review the Membership Requirements section on the Benefits of Membership page to ensure you qualify for membership. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by SEG Membership Services. Activation of membership is dependent on availability of sponsor and/or university department head. By applying for membership, you agree that you have read and understood the SEG Terms and Conditions.

Required Information

Please have these items ready before beginning the application process:

  • Payment is required to complete application; please have a valid credit card available.
  • Employment/education history.
  • Proof of Enrollment (PoE) if applying for student membership. Read the guidelines before proceeding.
  • Contact information for a sponsor:
    • Membership requires sponsorship by an SEG Fellow. If you do not know one, SEG can assign one.
    • Student membership requires sponsorship by a university department head or an SEG Fellow.
      Students, read before proceeding: To expedite the activation of your student membership, please contact your sponsor and let him/her know that s/he will be contacted by SEG for response. The sponsor's only obligation is to respond to the e-mail request for sponsorship. It is the student's responsibility to follow up with the sponsor.
  • To qualify for student status, SEG will need to verify the following:
    • Full-time registration at an institute of higher learning.
    • Student status can be no longer than four years for a Master's degree (including undergraduate) and four years for a Ph.D. degree, a cumulative maximum of eight years over the course of academic studies.

If your SEG membership has lapsed, do not use the options below. Instead, please contact for assistance.

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If you made a store purchase or registered for an SEG event in the past, you have an account. If you have forgotten or are unsure, please contact Member Services. Click button to begin.

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To become a member you must first create an account and then apply. Click button to begin.

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You may also apply using the print form.