SEG-SGA Student Chapter Meeting - University of Geneva


The 2022 European SEG and SGA Student Chapter meeting is a unique opportunity for students and postdocs to present their research work during talks and poster sessions. It will allow us to address new research directions and to discuss challenges related to a sustainable supply of mineral resources, in particular in the frame of the energy transition towards a low carbon world. The meeting will include: 6 keynote talks, 2.5 days of talks and posters by PhD-MSc students and post-docs, and 1 brainstorming afternoon about sustainable mineral resources supply and challenges for future generations. The keynotes themes are: (1) Geochemical fertility, ore deposit models and geological mapping, (2) Beyond conventional geometallurgy for a circular economy, (3) Where will all the lithium for batteries come from?, (4) Porphyry fertility starts in the Goldilock's zone, (5) Demand for mineral resources and sustainable development goals, and (6) The needs for raw materials and energy in a changing world. A post-meeting short course on porphyry-epithermal systems will be organized on Sept 16th. Registration is limited to 50 participants and at a cost of 30 Euros.


The meeting September 13-15 will be free of charge (no registration fees). Abstract submission deadline: May 1, 2022 (300 words). Registration for the post-meetingporphyry-epithermal workshop on September 16 is limited to 50 participants and at a cost of 30 Euros.

University of Geneva Route de Malagnou 1 1208 GENEVA SWITZERLAND

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