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36th International Geological Congress - POSTPONED

36th International Geological Congress - POSTPONED
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This event has been postponed until further notice.


The 36th IGC is funded by the Ministry of Mines and the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, and supported by the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) and the science academies of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Geological Survey of India is the nodal agency for organizing the event.

The preparatory activities for congress are being looked after by a Local Organizing Committee, with the 36th IGC Secretariat as its front office.

The Indian sub-continent offers the entire gamut of geological episodes, representing every geological period, with the oldest rocks spanning 3.6 Ga of Earth's history to the youngest, active fold mountain belt of the world. The subcontinent houses precious and rare earth minerals; extinct and active volcanoes; exuberant rivers and river confluences; mature foreland basins and youthful landforms; extensive deltas and fans; hot and cold deserts; salt ranges and deep oceans; hot springs and waterfalls; majestic mountains and seemingly bottomless valleys.

The imprints of the ancient civilizations that flourished in the subcontinent stand testimony to the rich and varied historical and cultural heritage of the region. Signatures of intelligent use of Earth resources by early civilizations are seen in all spheres, be it harvesting of water or use of mineral resources. Fine traditions of art and human skills abound in the region that attract innumerable visitors. A land of vibrant colours, numerous festivals, myriad shades of life and exhilarating cuisine, India is a place that will leave any visitor spellbound.

The sub-continent has made substantial contributions in the areas of fundamental science as well as applied research over the years. The quantum leap in science and technology and infrastructure over the past few decades in India and its neighboring countries makes this venue the ideal destination for the IGC 2020.

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3/2/2020 - 3/8/2020
India Expo Centre & Mart Plot No. 25,27,28,29 Knowledge Park II 201306 GREATER NOIDA INDIA