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Quartz2020 - International Symposium on Quartz

The interdisciplinary conference gathers economic geologists, petrologists, mineralogists, sedimentologists, structural geologists and mining and processing engineers having one study object in common: the mineral quartz. Quartz is a crucial industrial mineral being the raw material for silicon metal and silica glass and their broad applications, such as solar panel manufacturing for the production of renewable energy. The conference starts with an ice breaker 7 June 2020 at the Slottmuseet (Castle Museum) in Tønsberg. The technical meeting (lecture days) will be held at the Støperiet (Old Foundry) in Tønsberg from June 8-9, 2020. The conference is accompanied by a 3-day excursion (June 10-12, 2020) to quartz deposits and a silicon wafer producer in south Norway.

Registration opens December 1, 2019

6/7/2020 - 6/12/2020
Støperiet (Old Foundry) Tønsberg NORWAY