50º Congresso Brasileiro de Geologia


The 50th Brazilian Congress of Geology (50° CBG) will be held from 28 to 30 June 2021, virtual format, with the theme "Geology and Society: Building bridges for a sustainable planet". The objective is to integrate professionals, academia, students, companies and society, through lectures, technical sessions, including posters, discussions, courses and exhibitions.

Congresses are traditionally held every two years by the Brazilian Society of Geology. Thus, the 2021 congress will be organized with a view to assessing new discoveries and recent advances in knowledge in the area, disseminating them to Brazilian society.

The 50th edition of the congress will take place 50 years after the first held in the Federal Capital, in 1970. The congress was an extremely interesting showcase of what was then known of the Geology of the Midwest Region, based on the geological cartography developed by DNPM in 1960s, whether performed by its geologists or contracted companies, presented in works and shown on a significant number of geological excursions aimed at the most interesting geological aspects of the region, such as the large mafic-ultramafic complexes.

To them was added the presentation of the first results of the works derived from the activities of the Geology Course at the University of Brasília, including those of mapping developed in the final works of their students, such as the recently discovered alkaline intrusions of Goiás. On the occasion, the course a pioneer in the Midwest turned 6 and formed his third class of geologists.

Today the picture is quite different, with significant advances in geological knowledge, based on the expansion of the geological mapping effort supported by extensive aerial surveys carried out by the Geological Survey of Brazil - CPRM in the last decades, in the deepening and sophistication of analyzes and research conducted by several institutions, which resulted, among many others, in the discovery of the Magmatic Arc of Goiás, demonstrating that the Brasília Belt is one of the most complete and preserved neoproterozoic orogenic bands in Brazil.

The universe of teaching, research and extension has expanded, joining the pioneers with new research centers and new courses in Geology, Mining Engineering and others in related areas at the federal universities of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins and Goiás and several federal institutes recently installed in the region. Added to them is the Geophysics Course, created 10 years ago at UnB. There is, therefore, much to show and discuss, to which the information and news achieved in recent years in the rest of the country will certainly be added.

The success of this important technical-scientific event will take place with the participation of geologists and geoscientists from all over Brazil, who will make the Federal Capital also the national capital of Geology in 2021.


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6/28/2021 - 6/30/2021
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