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SEG Student Chapters Earth Day Symposium


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The SEG Student Chapters Earth Day Symposium is a forum by and for SEG Student Members and other aspiring Economic Geologists to reflect on the challenges, ambitions, and roles of the early-career economic geologists in a world experiencing rapid climate change and other ecological and societal challenges.

The free symposium will consist of a combination of pre-recorded technical presentations by SEG Student Members from around the world, perspective videos by SEG members, live Q&A sessions, and a panel discussion about "Sustainable mining and the Future" with world experts.

SEG Student Members from each continent will present their research and link it to sustainability and security of raw materials supply. Furthermore, the students and other Economic Geologists from all walks of life have the opportunity to share their personal stories and motivation for becoming Economic Geologists and their perspective on Economic Geology in the context of sustainable development. The goal of the event is to facilitate listening, learning, and getting inspired across generations of economic geologists, to create a platform for a diversity of thoughts and perspectives and to discuss the challenges of the energy transition and sustainable development well as to network and to strengthen collaboration between SEG Student Chapters.

The pre-recorded talks and perspective videos will be made available on-demand (likely on YouTube) to facilitate participation across time zones and videos will remain online after the event. Live Q&A sessions with the speakers of the technical presentations will be held (likely on Zoom) during the day at times convenient for the speakers. The language of the event will be English.


Attendance is free for everyone.

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