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Speaking of Electrodes - Building Better Batteries

With Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Crystallography

Thursday, July 8, 2021
2:00pm MDT (UTC-6)


Theme 3: Speaking of Electrodes — Using Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Crystallography to Build Better Batteries

This discussion will highlight how critical minerals are impacting the energy sector, specifically with regards to the growth and advancement of battery technologies. Energy storage is the key to the widespread adoption of renewable energy, and the resulting growth in battery production creates an increasing demand for these strategic elements.

The lead time on design specifications for most materials is between 3-5 years, so the use of the lithium-ion battery, and the supply chain of lithium, cobalt, nickel, and graphite behind it, is locked into the production of batteries for electric vehicles and grid support for the coming decade at a minimum. As new battery technologies become more affordable and scale -up, the supply chain to support their production will evolve, and so will the role of economic geologists in building better batteries.

This panel will explore the evolving relationships between critical minerals and the advent of new battery technologies, the future opportunities this presents to the exploration industry, and what the next horizon in battery advancement might mean for metals.

The panelists will give opening statements about their careers and experiences within industry, followed by an extensive Q&A session with the audience. Each of the panelists has been selected for their expertise in materials sciences and battery- related technologies – as well as their passion for engaging with students and early career professionals!

Additional sessions are planned throughout the year to explore areas such as sustainable mining, LCA, recycling, climate change engagement, and global supply chains. Please join us for these free and fascinating discussions.

Session Panelists


David Anonychuk




Igor Barsukov




Paige Johnson

Ten-Nine Technologies



Rebecca Paisley

Cornish Lithium


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