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Eric P. Nelson Fund

The SEG Foundation has established the Eric P. Nelson Fund to support graduate student field work. An initial pledge of $50,000 will match equal pledges of support from friends, former students and colleagues, as well as industry contributions. Eric, who died August 27, 2013, was a professor of structural geology at the Colorado School of Mines and a mapping consultant to the minerals industry. A passionate field geologist, Eric enthusiastically mentored many students. This fund recognizes his involvement with the Society of Economic Geologists and his dedication to the utilization of structural geology in understanding and discovering ore deposits.

Eric P. Nelson

Eric conducted field work throughout the American cordillera, from Alaska to Patagonia, with forays into other locations around the globe, ranging from New Zealand to Europe. The focus of his work was largely on the Andes of Peru and Chile, where he worked with numerous graduate students, most funded by mineral exploration companies. His primary focus was on utilizing structural geology to aid in mineral exploration. In addition to research and university lecturing, Eric also taught structural geology to company geologists through short courses and field excursions.

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