International Exchange Lecturer

The International Exchange Lecturer is selected on the basis of widely recognized research in ore deposits science and/or exploration methodology. Lecture sites are selected on the basis of the greatest possible involvement of academic, industry and government-based economic geologists.

headshotZhaoshan Chang

(SEG 2004 F)

  Talk Titles

  • Skarns: Zoning Patterns and Controlling Factors
  • Lithocaps: Characteristics and Exploration
  • Metal Transportation for High-Sulfidation Epithermal Deposits: A New Model
  • Mineral Geochemistry and Its Application in Exploration


Zhaoshan is the Charles Fogarty Endowed Chair and Professor in Economic Geology at Colorado School of Mines (CSM), Golden, Colorado. He previously worked at various universities, including Peking University, China (1997–2000); Washington State University, USA (2004); the Center for Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences (CODES), University of Tasmania (2004–2011), and the Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU), James Cook University (2011–2018). He was the director of EGRU from 2012 to 2018 before joining CSM. Zhaoshan has studied a wide spectrum of mineral systems in 14 countries, including skarn, porphyry, epithermal, iron oxide copper-gold, W-Sn, and sediment-hosted gold deposits. He works closely with the mineral industry on exploration-oriented research projects, looking for far-field signals, discriminators, and zoning patterns in mineralogy, textures, spectral features, whole-rock and mineral geochemistry, and isotopic compositions that can be directly used in exploration. He also works on ore-forming processes and ore-controlling factors, magma fertility, regional metallogenesis, and laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) methodology (dating, mineral trace element analysis, isotopic composition analysis). His research mainly involves field investigation and drill core logging, petrography, short wavelength infrared spectral analysis, whole-rock and mineral chemistry, textural imaging using various techniques, geochronology, fluid inclusion thermometry and composition, various isotope systems (O-H-S-C; Cu-Zn-Fe; Sr, Hf), and LA-ICP-MS techniques. He runs an LA-ICP-MS/MS (Agilent 8900) lab at CSM.


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