Regional Vice President Lecturer

One or more Regional Vice President Lecturers shall be selected annually on the basis of widely recognized expertise in a field of economic geology. Lecturers shall give a series of lectures within the Society Regions in which the lecturers reside, and the lectureships shall alternate among the various Regions.

HeadshotMike Robertson

SEG Member

  Talk Titles

  • Emerging Sediment-Hosted Stratabound Copper Provinces in Southern and Central Africa
  • West Africa: The World's Premier Emerging Gold Province


Mike is a principal consultant with the MSA Group based in Johannesburg, South Africa. With an M.Sc. study on the structural controls of gold mineralization at the Sheba mine, Barberton greenstone belt, he has a particular interest in the application of applied structural geology to understanding controls on ore genesis and exploration targeting. This has led to work on orogenic gold deposits through Southern, East, West, and Northeast Africa; Saudi Arabia; Yemen; Western Australia; and Russia and Kazakhstan. He has been involved in mineral exploration, both in industry and in a consulting role, for 29 years. Apart from orogenic gold deposits, he has worked on a wide spectrum of mineral systems including sediment-hosted stratabound copper (Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Botswana, Republic of Congo), carbonate-hosted zinc-lead (Namibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo), nonsulfide zinc (Turkey, Mexico), nickel-copper-platinum group elements (Canada), iron oxide copper-gold-type deposits (Zambia), volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits (Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea), phosphate and bauxite (Saudi Arabia), and heavy mineral sands (Russia). He believes that a fundamental geologic understanding is the cornerstone to exploration success.


Lecturer requests can be made in early 2021. Please check back soon.