SEG Distinguished Lecturer

The SEG Distinguished Lecturer is selected on the basis of preeminence in economic geology, either on some phase of scientific research or on the application of the science to minerals exploration and/or development. One or two lectures are presented at regularly scheduled SEG conferences. This lecturer may or may not be available to accept additional requests.

HeadshotDavid Cooke

SEG Fellow

  Talk Title

  • New Advances in Geochemical Exploration—Detecting the Subtle, but Giant, Geochemical Footprints of Porphyry Cu and Au Deposits Using Mineral Chemistry


David is the director of CODES, the Centre for Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences, at the University of Tasmania. David and his research team have been investigating porphyry systems for over three decades, investigating genetic aspects, characterizing deposits, and developing innovative new geochemical and geologic exploration tools to aid discovery. David is an associate editor of Economic Geology and was a recipient of the Haddon Forrester King Medal from the Australia Academy of Sciences (2018), and the Society of Economic Geologists' Silver Medal (2013) and Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer award (2005).

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