R.A.F. Penrose Gold Medal

The R.A.F. Penrose Gold Medal was established in 1923 to be awarded primarily in recognition of a full career in the performance of "unusually original work in the earth sciences," which shall be broadly interpreted to encompass major contributions to (a) the science through research, (b) the profession through teaching, program administration, and development of exploration technology, and (c) the development of mineral resources through mine geology, exploration, and discovery. The medal may be awarded annually, but no less frequently than once every three years. A nominee for this honor need not be a member of the Society.

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Past Recipients

Year Name
2016 Steven D. Scott
2015 Richard H. Sillitoe
2014 James M. Franklin
2013 Noel C. White
2012 Robert O. Rye
2011 Robert J. Kerrich
2010 David L. Leach
2009 David I. Groves
2008 Marco T. Einaudi
2007 Michael Solomon
2006 Stephen E. Kesler
2005 Brian J. Skinner
2004 Richard W. Hutchinson
2003 J. David Lowell
2002 Anthony J. Naldrett
2001 Hubert L. Barnes
2000 Alberto Benavides de la Quintana
1999 J. Julian Hemley
1998 John M. Guilbert
1997 Spencer R. Titley
1995 Heinrich D. Holland
1994 Paul B. Barton
1993 Richard L. Stanton
1992 Donald E. White
1991 William C. Kelly
1989 Desmond A. Pretorius
1988 Edwin W. Roedder
1987 Duncan R. Derry
1985 Eugene N. Cameron
1982 Charles Meyer
1978 Paul Ramdohr
1976 Harold L. James
1974 Charles A. Anderson
1971 Haddon F. King
1968 Guilbert H. Cady
1965 Thomas S. Lovering
1962 Alan M. Bateman
1959 John S. Brown
1956 D. F. Hewett
1952 Paul F. Fourmarier
1950 L. C. Graton
1947 Bert S. Butler
1944 Walter C. Mendenhall
1942 William H. Emmons
1939 Reno H. Sales
1935 Charles K. Leith
1933 Louis de Launay
1931 David White
1928 Waldemar Lindgren
1928 J. H. L. Vogt
1924 Thomas C. Chamberlain