Ralph W. Marsden Award

The Ralph W. Marsden Award was established in 1987 to be awarded annually, primarily for "outstanding service to the Society." Guidelines for qualifying for the award shall be based largely on the nominee's record of exceptional stewardship and contributions to Society Affairs. The recipient must be a person living at the time the nomination is forwarded by the SEG Awards Committee to SEG Council for approval.

Visit the Medals and Awards page for nominating instructions.

Past Recipients

Year Name
2016 M. Stephen Enders
2015 Stephen E. Kesler
2014 Mark D. Hannington
2013 Jeffrey W. Hedenquist
2012 Allan P. Juhas
2011 Richard J. Goldfarb
2010 William X. Chávez, Jr.
2009 Gerald G. Carlson
2008 Frederick T. Graybeal
2007 Geoffrey G. Snow
2006 Richard L. Nielsen
2005 Tommy B. Thompson
2004 Thomas A. Loucks
2003 Donald M. Davidson, Jr.
2002 Brian J. Skinner
2001 Bruce A. Bouley
2000 Paul A. Bailly
1999 John A. Thoms
1998 Donald L. Everhart
1997 G. Arthur Barber
1995 Clay T. Smith
1994 Walden P. Pratt
1992 J. F. "Jack" Murphy
1991 Walter White
1990 Siegfried Muessig
1989 Paul K. Sims
1988 Arnold L. Brokaw
1987 Ernest L. Ohle