Please note that the Geofacets platform will be discontinued December 31, 2023.

SEG Millennium Edition, powered by Geofacets

SEG has partnered with Elsevier to provide all SEG members with the opportunity to utilize the power of the Geofacets platform for accessing geological maps from Economic Geology.

SEG Member Access

Information Made Discoverable and Actionable

  • Easy discovery of map content with intuitive spatial search capabilities, in an interactive map interface.
  • Geo-based search facets to refine results by map type, surface area, and geological basin.
  • Seamless integration with your workflow with downloadable maps.

Search, Made Easy!

SEG Millennium Edition offers a unique combination of a map-based interface and multiple search capabilities.

  • Keyword search
  • Spatial search: Rectangle or Polygon search
  • Advanced search

Discover and Download Maps

6,000+ maps from SEG’s leading journal, Economic Geology, from 2000–present, with 4,000+ georeferenced maps.

  • All maps are downloadable and include metadata e.g. geographic coordinates, map surface area, datum and projection for georeferenced maps, and more.
  • Includes reference information about the maps and the associated articles.