Mobile Vouchers for Subscribers

Overview Mobile Vouchers

A mobile voucher is a code that will tie your mobile device to your institution's Economic Geology subscription. This voucher will grant you access to protected content while away from your institution's network. Each mobile device must be vouched for individually and vouchers are only valid for the publisher for which they are issued.

How to Use Mobile Vouchers

Get the voucher

  1. While connected to your subscriber's network, visit
  2. Complete and submit the form (we recommend sending the voucher to an e-mail address that can be accessed from your mobile device)
  3. A new window will load with your voucher

Use the voucher

  1. From your mobile device, visit
  2. Enter the voucher code and click "Get Access"
  3. You are now free to access content while away from your institution's network

Questions? Visit the mobile voucher FAQs.