Operational and Technical Management

Operational and Technical Management

of Mineral Exploration Programs

February 24, 2022
9:00am - 3:00pm MST (UTC-7)
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Course Overview

In-field management of modern mineral exploration programs requires a broad set of skills and knowledge to stay on top of regulatory, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), HSE (Health, Safety, and the Environment), logistical, and technical demands. In this 6-hour course, a high-level overview will be provided, detailing the toolsets and knowledge needed to successfully manage exploration programs in the modern environment. This course is designed for geologists, specifically junior to mid-level professionals who are leading or interested in leading exploration programs.

The course will begin with approaches and considerations for producing high level project scope estimates, followed by methods for producing realistic project cost estimates. Use of risk assessments as a tool to identify and mitigate permitting, CSR, and HSE risks will be covered, and subcontracting, staffing, and communications strategies will also be discussed as part of the section on Operational Management.

This will be followed by more extensive overviews of managing the technical elements of exploration programs, including geological mapping, surface geochemical sampling, geophysical surveys, and data management. The design and management of diamond drilling programs and core processing will be discussed in detail.

The aim of the course is to have attendees gain a better understanding of the scope of mineral exploration management and responsibilities, and the tools required to manage such programs as efficiently as possible.

Meet the Presenter

Course presenter Ron Voordouw discusses the importance of developing managerial skillsets, as well as how this course will enhance participant's fundamental understanding of how to design efficient and effective field exploration programs.

This virtual course will contain a total of 6 hours of study, with course work being split into two morning and two afternoon sessions. Course content will consist of dynamic lectures, interactive Q&A sessions, and two critical-thinking exercises. All materials will be presented live.

A detailed syllabus and course agenda will be sent to all participants a few days prior to the beginning of the course.

Morning Session #1

Laying the Groundwork: Discuss project scope and exploration economics, learning how to develop a cost estimate for a project.

Morning Session #2

Operational Management: Focus on understanding the importance and process of project permitting, community engagement, HSE, and Site-Staff-Client management.

Afternoon Session #1

Technical Management (Part 1): Importance of proper data management, implementing geochemical sampling and geophysical surveys, and designing geological mapping programs.

Afternoon Session #2

Technical Management (Part 2): Design and implementation of drilling programs and core processing procedures.



Ron Voordouw

Ron is a professional geologist with 15 years experience in mineral exploration. Ron obtained an undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary followed by a PhD from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, mapping the regional-scale geology just north of the Voisey’s Bay deposit. He then worked in South Africa for four years before joining Vancouver-based Equity Exploration Consultants in 2011. With Equity, Ron progressed from managing small surface-based work projects to multi-drill resource definition and expansion programs. In 2018 Ron partnered into Equity and is currently responsible for providing input and oversight on a wide range of Equity’s projects.


Dave Swanton

Dave is a professional geologist with fifteen years experience in the mineral exploration industry who obtained an MSc from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, with a research project focussed on geological mapping and assessment of economic potential of an area of northern Nova Scotia. Since joining Equity Exploration Consultants in 2010, Dave has managed programs ranging in scale from small grassroots focussed field teams to complex multi-faceted advanced exploration, resource definition and mine support programs.


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