Copper Flat Porphyry-Breccia System (MJF-04)

New Mexico, United States
October 22-30, 2022

Group of students in the field inspecting samples and taking notes


SEG is pleased to offer the fourth Michael Fitzgerald Student Mapping Course. Michael "Mike" Fitzgerald, a University of Minnesota graduate, long supported field-based geologic studies by undergraduate and graduate students; through a generous donation orchestrated by his widow, Marisa de la Vega-Fitzgerald, SEG is funding a week-long mapping course for upper-division undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates. Participation is limited to 16 participants, and applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be an active SEG Student or Recent Graduate member
  • Must have completed at least one field mapping course (field camp not necessary)

Selection of participants is competitive; travel grants are awarded only to qualifying students.

Trip Leaders


William Chávez, Jr.

New Mexico School of Mines

SEG Fellow since 1990


Ralph A. González

Archean Ingenieria International Ltda

SEG Fellow since 1981


Erich Petersen

University of Utah

SEG Fellow since 1986


SEG provides students and young professionals: Up to 90% of the RT, economy-class airfare to/from ABQ; transportation ABQ-TorC-ABQ, double-occupancy lodging, breakfasts, and field lunches. SEG will provide map sheets and engineer's scales.

Not Included

Students are responsible for complete SARS-CoV2 vaccination prior to final confirmation, and proof of negative SARS-CoV2 test 72 hours prior to the course; dinners, snacks, water, incidental expenses; students must provide their own Brunton© Compass (NO other compasses are accepted), as well as 3H or harder pencils, colored pencils, clipboard, reflective vest, sturdy leather field boots, hardhat, gloves, long-sleeve shirts, eye protection, water bottle, and sunscreen. SEG will provide a detailed list of field and safety items, but this initial list comprises the essential equipment requirements.


Submission Deadline: June 6, 2022 Extended to June 30, 2022
Selected Participant Notification: July 8, 2022

Selections will be made by July 8, 2022. Accepted students must pay the US$195 registration fee, submit proof of SARS-Co19 vaccination, and confirm participation by August 15, 2022.

10/22/2022 - 10/30/2022

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