Students represent a core group of SEG members who play an integral role in advancing economic geology through research and innovation. Spread around the world, these students share an interest and the willingness to get more involved in this field through technical and social activities. Being a student member of SEG provides numerous benefits, and SEG welcomes their contributions to the growth and prosperity of the Society.

SEG Support for Students

SEG is committed to supporting the academic and professional development of undergraduate and graduate students around the globe by promoting and encouraging engagement in a variety of events. Workshops, conferences, short courses, and field trips all facilitate learning, networking, and sharing experiences between students and other members within SEG.

Student Funding


SEG Student Chapters

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A great way to be involved with SEG as a student is through an SEG Student Chapter! There are more than 100 student chapters in over 30 countries. Chapters provide excellent opportunities for student engagement, industry networking, and the promotion of mineral deposit science and its applications. SEG Student Chapters are essential to the Society as a whole, providing a diverse and vital base of students and connecting them with professionals.

SEG Student Chapters receive Society support through the Stewart R. Wallace Fund, by which active student chapters may apply for funding for field-based educational activities.

SEG funding is available to students through individual Student Research Grants (SRG), the Graduate Student Fellowship Program, the Ronald E. Seavoy Student Field Trip Program, and the Michael J. Fitzgerald Student Mapping Course.

The Students Committee works jointly with the Student Affairs Committee, SEG Council, and SEG Student Chapters to stimulate the involvement and participation of undergraduate and graduate students within the Society's activities and to design effective ways to make this support available to those who have an interest in economic geology.

SEG Webinar: UFRGS-SEG Student Chapter Field Trip to Chile (2018)

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If you have questions or suggestions, please email the Student Committee at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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