Students' Committee Charter

This Charter for the SEG Students’ Committee has been developed from insights gained from the SEG Keystone 2010 Student White Paper combined with documents prepared by Steve Enders, Jeff Hedenquist, and Sarah Gleeson, and further modified as a result of discussions at the SEG Council and Executive Committee (Excom) meetings held March 5, 2011.


The SEG Students’ Committee shall promote student involvement in the Society by facilitating improved communication and collaboration between the Society, its members and student chapters. The SEG Students’ Committee shall advise the Council on the concerns of students and assist with the implementation of proposed innovations and changes in the Society and Foundation programs. The Students’ Committee will increase the communication, coordination and representation of students within all international regions.


The Committee will initially be established as an ad hoc committee by SEG Council. The Committee will consist of eight members, including a Chair, who will be nominated by Student Chapters, the Regional VPs and the Student Affairs Committee, and approved by ExCom. Committee membership will consist of students derived from regions that are represented by SEG Regional VPs. Nominated individuals will have a desire to be involved in student affairs that affect the Society activities and established programs in those regions. To ensure adequate guidance during the development of the Committee, the first Committee Chair will be based initially in North America and appointed by ExCom.


The SEG Students’ Committee functions include, but are not limited to, activities that encourage the involvement of the greater student membership in the Society. The Committee will be tasked to increase the communication between student members, student chapters and the Society. The Committee will encourage cooperation and collaboration between chapters, and provide assistance to those individuals seeking to establish a chapter. Initial challenges and opportunities for the Students’ Committee outlined in Exhibit A would be in addition to the primary task of forming the Students’ Committee. The Committee will report twice annually to SEG Council, and directly to the Student Affairs Committee on the progress of all functions following the reporting milestones. The majority of Committee communications can be conducted by e-mail, fax, telephone, or mail.

Specific Functions of the Chair

The Chair of the Students’ Committee is responsible for organizing, motivating, and guiding the Committee toward achieving its goals and for submitting periodic reports of committee activities to the Student Affairs Committee and the Council. The Chair of the Students’ Committee will report directly to the VP Student Affairs. To ensure continuity from year to year, there will be a chair-elect position and a past-chair, who is allowed to have already graduated. The Students’ Committee chair will be invited as a non-voting guest to SEG Council meetings, and will have their travel costs covered by SEG if needed.

Relationship to the SEG Council and Other SEG Committees

In addition to submitting periodic status reports to the Student Affairs Committee and Council and providing recommendations for actions regarding student affairs, the Students’ Committee should communicate with other SEG committees, including the VP Regional Affairs Committee, and the relevant sub-committees of Foundation, regarding Student Affairs programs. Collaboration between all committees is critical in encouraging regional co-operation between student chapters and other interested students and professional members.

Reporting Milestones

The Committee will report to Council semi-annually prior to each regularly scheduled SEG Council meeting. The written report will outline the efforts made in linking student chapters to encourage ongoing collaboration, progress on relevant objectives, and other pertinent matters. A draft of the report will be submitted to the VP of Student Affairs prior to the presentation to Council.

Exhibit A

The Committee will consult with the Student Affairs Committee and Foundation Officers to help formulate guidelines useful in applying for funding from the Society. Guidelines will be developed for the Student Research Grants, Graduate Student Fellowship Program and the Student Chapter Funding Program. Such guidelines, including worked examples, will improve the quality of submissions and enhance the opportunity of success for all students in applying for SEG funds. Reporting milestones will include the submission of three new guidelines and worked application examples for consideration by committees responsible for Student Research Grants, Graduate Student Fellowship Program and the Student Chapter Funding Program. Draft submission of these guidelines needs to occur by July, with revision by September, to ensure distribution well before the 2012 funding cycle.

The Committee will act on relevant challenges and opportunities identified by SEG Council and the Students’ SEG 2010 Conference White Paper, including:

  1. increase student representation from each region working with active student chapters and/or individuals;
  2. coordination and collaboration of regional student activities including, but not limited to workshops, field trips and lectures that promote the aims of the Society;
  3. consideration of and recommendations to SEG Council for allowing Student Chapter Alumni memberships.
  4. implementation and management of an Employment Opportunity e-Board.

The Committee will detail recommendations that will assist the Society in improving accessibility to the student-related websites. The report will also outline the recommendations regarding streamlining of web-based media. Council will prioritize any recommendation based on the justification presented by the Committee.