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SRG Recipients (2020)

The Society of Economic Geologists Foundation (SEGF) and the SEG Canada Foundation (SEGCF) are pleased to announce the SRG awards for 2020. This year the SEGF received 130 applications, of which 43 were selected to receive funding for a total of of US$171,600 (US$121,800 SEGF and US$49,800 SEGCF).

These grants will assist students with field and laboratory expenses for thesis research on mineral deposits as required for graduate degrees at accredited universities. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are available to students worldwide.

This year's successful candidates make up 22 nationalities and attend 34 different universities in 16 countries and distributed as follows: Canada (13), United States (7), Australia (5), South Africa (3), Brazil (2), Poland (2), Portugal (2), United Kingdom (2), Bulgaria (1), Chile (1), China (1), France (1), Peru (1), Philippines (1), Russia (1), Spain (1), and Switzerland (1).

Hugo T. Dummett Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Angela Rodrigues US$5,000 Monash University (Australia) Ph.D. On hyperspectral data and textural analysis in porphyry copper deposits

Alberto Terrones L. Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Mustafa US$4,800 University of Michigan (United States) Ph.D. Geochemistry of magnetite from the Mina Justa IOCG deposit, Peru

Timothy Nutt Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Ryan Rosenfels US$3,000 Stellenbosch University (South Africa) M.Sc. The geology and geochemistry of the Fungurume 88 deposit: a high grade, primary cobalt sulphide deposit.

Hugh E. McKinstry Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Raul Berospi US$2,700 Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Peru) B.Sc.Titulo Variations in the composition of the carbonate matrix in ore-bearing vs barren diapir float breccia — an exploration tool
Yamila Cajal Contreras US$5,000 Australian National University (Australia) Ph.D. PGE geochemistry and magma fertility of the El Teniente Porphyry Copper Deposit, Central Chile
Hugo Carrasco US$5,000 Université de Genève (Switzerland) M.Sc. Geochronological, geochemical and isotopic characterisation of the Mesozoic Andean margin within Ecuador.
Ivan Chayka US$3,500 V.S.Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS (Russia) Ph.D. Petrological constraints on the chromite-rich sulfide-poor PGE ores from the Upper contact zone of the Norilsk-1 intrusion.
Matheus Ciotta US$4,700 Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho" (UNESP) (Brazil) M.Sc. Petrology and metallogeny of topaz granites and rhyolites from Bom Futuro mine, Rondônia Tin Province, Brazil.
Gan Duan US$4,900 Monash University (Australia) Ph.D. The role of halogens in sodic and potassic alteration in experiments and Nature.
Chenglong Fan US$4,700 China University of Geosciences (China) Ph.D. Age of the Tongmugou Cu deposit in the Zhongtiao Mountain, North China Craton: Implications for ore genesis
John Emmanuel Fungo US$1,800 University of the Philippines (Philippines) M.Sc. Metallogenesis of the Ophiolite-Hosted Epithermal Veins In The Malabeg Prospect, Cabangan, Zambales
Ryan Goh US$3,500 The University of Melbourne (Australia) M.Sc. The world class Rosebery Volcanogenic Massive (VMS) Sulfide deposit in Tasmania, Australia
Thomas Jones US$2,700 University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) Ph.D. Structural of the south Central Zone, Damara Orogenic Belt, Namibia, and its implications for uranium mineralisation
Zia Steven Kahou US$3,500 Paul Sabatier University - GET Laboratory (France) Ph.D. Geochemistry and geochronology of supergene copper mineralization from Atacama Desert, Northern Chile
Michael Kirschbaum US$5,000 Colorado School of Mines (United States) Ph.D. Distal signatures of, and vectors towards, porphyry Cu deposits in carbonate rocks
Lameck Maninji US$5,000 Colorado State University (United States) Ph.D. Cu Porphyry Vectoring Techniques in Composite Porphyry Stockwork –Epithermal Vein Swarm Overprints: The buried Ruby Cu and Butte Cu Porphyries, SW Montana, USA.
Dalton McCaffrey US$5,000 University of Nevada, Las Vegas (United States) Ph.D. From granites to pegmatites: millions of years of missing time
Monika Misztela US$4,700 Australian National University (Australia) Ph.D. Using PGE geochemistry to determine the copper and gold fertility of granitic magma systems
Charles Routleff US$5,000 Cardiff University (United Kingdom) Ph.D. Characterising the mineralization, alteration and temporal evolution of the auriferous Neoarchean Gokona deposit, Tanzania
Renata Sampaio Paes US$5,000 University of Campinas (Brazil) Ph.D. Structural and temporal controls on mineral systems in the eastern part of the Alta Floresta Mineral Province, Brazil
Felipe Velasquez Ruiz US$4,800 University of Chile (Chile) Ph.D. The origin of one of the world's largest niobium resources: The Catalão II carbonatite complex, Central Brazil
Marylou Vines US$3,500 University of Johannesburg (South Africa) Ph.D. Murchison greenstone belt, South Africa: Understanding the world's oldest antimony deposit

Hickok-Radford Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Harry Guest US$2,500 University of Exeter (United Kingdom) M.Sc. Geophysical and geochemical targeting of VMS mineralisation along the Meråker-Røros trend, Trøndelag, Central Norway.
Quinton Wilms US$4,500 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc. Structural reconstruction of the Cretaceous Macmillan Pass fold and thrust belt, Selwyn Basin, Yukon: Identifying Devonian ore-forming structures.”

Eric P. Nelson Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Elitsa Lulcheva US$4,500 Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski" (Bulgaria) M.Sc. Structure control of the formation of the Elatsite Cu-Mo porphyry deposit

Canada Foundation (SEGCF) Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Russell Ashton US$5,000 University of Western Ontario (Canada) M.Sc. The Ni-rich magmatic sulfides of the E&L Mineral Zones, Nickel Mountain Gabbro Complex, British Columbia
Sandra Baurier Aymat US$5,000 Laurentian University (Canada) Ph.D. Genesis and Localization of Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization in the South Range of the Sudbury Structure
David Benoit US$3,300 Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada) B.Sc. Exploration for rare earth vein mineralization in the Central Gneiss Belt of the Grenville Province, Maniwaki, Quebec.
Brandon Chase US$2,500 University of Alberta (Canada) Ph.D. Lithosphere Architecture of the Fort à la Corne Kimberlite Field from Magnetotelluric Data
Ryley Collins US$3,800 University of Southern California (United States) Ph.D. Cooling and erosion history of a VMS-bearing ophiolite: A multi-chronometer approach to the Bay of Islands ophiolite complex, western Newfoundland
Justin Jonsson US$3,500 Lakehead University (Canada) M.Sc. Petrogenesis of mineralization horizons within the Offset Zone of the Lac des Iles mine, N. Ontario
Talia Moum US$3,500 University of Toronto (Canada) M.Sc. The VOLPA seafloor massive sulfide deposit, Niua volcanic arc complex, Tonga, SW Pacific
Dustin Peters US$5,000 Laurentian University (Canada) Ph.D. Genesis and Localization of Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization in the North Range of the Sudbury Structure, Canada
Stan Roozen US$5,000 McGill University (Canada) Ph.D. Gold partitioning behavior between tourmaline and aqueous fluid.
Emma Scanlan US$3,000 Queen's University (Canada) Ph.D. Sediment-hosted Pb-Zn mineralization in the Selwyn Basin Yukon and the relationship to alkaline magmatism
Henning Seibel US$5,000 Laurentian University (Canada) Ph.D. Genesis and Localization of Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization in Offset Dikes in the Sudbury Structure
Dustin Shockley US$2,500 Colorado School of Mines (United States) M.Sc. The Proterozoic History of the Montezuma Shear Zone and Structural Controls on Mineralization of the Oligocene Montezuma Stock
Callum Walter US$3,200 Queen's University (Canada) Ph.D. Augmenting Geological Field Mapping and Mineral Exploration with Real-Time 3D Digital Outcrop Modeling

Newmont Mining Corporation Student Grant Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Kyle Henderson US$4,000 McGill University (Canada) Ph.D. Origin of the Witwatersrand goldfields: role of liquid hydrocarbons
Slawomir Mederski US$4,000 AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) Ph.D. Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of Sb-As-Tl-Hg+(Au) Carlin-type Mineralization from Janjevo, Central Kosovo
Aung Thu US$2,500 AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) Ph.D. Geology and genesis of Nweyon-Kwinthoneze Au-Ag-Te deposit, Mogok Metamorphic Belt, Myanmar
Lauren Zeeck US$3,600 Colorado School of Mines (United States) Ph.D. Ar-Ar Dating of Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Deposits in the Kitami Region of Hokkaido, Japan

General Fund

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Iñigo Barrajo US$2,500 Complutense University (Spain) M.Sc. Geochronology and isotopic geochemistry of variscan tin and tungsten mineralizations on western Iberia

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