GSF Recipients (2010)

The GSF Program provides fellowships to students who intend to pursue a course of study in economic geology leading to a Professional Master’s, Master of Science (M.Sc.) and/or Ph.D. degree, with preference given to those who will be entering graduate school following completion of a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, or equivalent. A total of US$168,000 has been awarded to 24 students who will be entering graduate school this year, or who are currently enrolled as first-year graduate students. This is one of the Foundation's three core student programs "to encourage and develop a new generation of economic geologists".

Name Home Country Award Amount University* Degree*
Heidi A. Berkenbosch USA US$3,000 University of Tasmania (Australia) Ph.D.
Ludovic Bigot France US$3,000 University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada) M.Sc.
Lindsey R. Clark USA US$9,000 University of Nevada at Las Vegas (USA) M.Sc.
Leslie M. Cox USA US$7,000 Ball State University (USA) M.Sc.
Moira Cruickshanks UK US$7,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc.
Harry Hanneman USA US$9,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc.
Ana-Sophie Hensler Germany US$5,000 University of Western Australia (Australia) Ph.D.
Logan D. Hill USA US$9,000 University of Arizona in Tucson (USA) M.Sc.
Matthew J. Hryciuk Canada US$10,000 McGill University (Canada) M.Sc., Gold Fields Scholar
Teresa A. Johnson USA US$10,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc., Barrick Scholar
Darren T. Lefort Canada US$5,000 Saint Mary's University (Canada) M.Sc.
William A. Lepore Canada US$10,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc., Gold Fields Scholar
Facundo Martinez Argentina US$5,000 University of Tucuman (Argentina) M.Sc.
Andrea C. McHugh USA US$7,000 New Mexico Tech (USA) M.Sc.
Galen S. McNamara Canada US$5,000 Laurentian University (Canada) M.Sc.
Stephanie E. Mills USA US$3,000 Monash University (Australia) Ph.D.
Jack E. Milton UK US$10,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) Ph.D., Gold Fields Scholar
Maureen N. Moore USA US$9,000 Enrollment in graduate school deferred M.Sc.
Anthony J. Moorehead USA US$10,000 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (USA) M.Sc., Barrick Scholar
Jessica R. Norris Canada US$10,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc., Barrick Scholar
Robert M. Nowak USA US$7,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc.
Kristina L. Revels USA US$7,000 Wayne State University (USA) M.Sc.
Soeren Rode Germany US$3,000 TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany) Ph.D.
Dominique Tanner Australia US$5,000 Australian National University (Australia) Ph.D.

*University where student is either attending (first year) or plans to attend graduate school, and degree being sought.