SRG Recipients (2010)

The Society of Economic Geologists Foundation (SEGF) and the SEG Canada Foundation (SEGCF) are pleased to announce the SRG awards for 2010. Exactly 100 applications were received (an all-time high); SEGF awarded 51 grants for a total US$137,950. The SEGCF awarded 9 additional grants for CAN$32,000.

These grants will assist students with field and laboratory expenses for thesis research on mineral deposits as required for graduate degrees at accredited universities. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are available to students worldwide.

This year's successful candidates attend 39 different universities in 14 countries and are distributed as follows: United States (20), Canada (15), Australia (7), Argentina (3), Great Britain (4), Germany (2), Switzerland (2), Hungary (1), Japan (1), New Zealand (1), Russia (1), South Africa (1), Spain (1), and Sweden (1).

Hugh E. McKinstry Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Abdul Aziz Jasmi Hafiz US$2,500 Technical University of Clausthal (Germany) Ph.D. Metallogeny of gold in the Central belt of peninsular (Malaysia)
Mathieu Ageneau US$3,000 University of Tasmania (Australia) Ph.D. Geology of the Kapit ore zone and comparative geochemistry with Minifie and Lienetz ore zones, Ladolam gold deposit (Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea)
Daniel Amoakoh US$2,000 University of Utah (USA) Ph.D. Arsenic mineralization and copper-gold-silver occurrences at Bingham Canyon copper mine (Utah, USA)
Fiona Best US$3,000 University of Tasmania (Australia) Ph.D. The petrogenesis of the Dido Tonalite and associated mafic-ultramafic bodies (Georgetown Region, North Queensland, Australia) assessing the potential for Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulphide mineralization
Elizabeth Bloch US$2,000 University of Texas at Austin (USA) Ph.D. Nature and origin of the Be-U-REE-rich fluorspar deposits associated with the Round Top laccolith (Trans-Pecos, Texas, USA)
Mark Burdett US$4,000 Monash University (Australia) Ph.D. The role of volatile-rich melts on the distribution of PGE deposits in magmatic systems
Dan Cervin US$2,000 University of Minnesota Duluth (USA) M.S. Characterization of platinum group mineral occurrences in the NorthMet deposit of the Partridge River Intrusion (Duluth Complex, Minnesota, USA)
Julia Cohen US$2,200 Oregon State University (USA) M.S. Trace element geochemistry of hydrothermal phyllosilicates (Yerington, Nevada, USA)
Elizabeth Cole US$1,600 University of Wyoming (USA) M.S. Understanding hydrothermal fluid flow along oceanic detachment faults (23° N Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
Isaac Corral US$4,000 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) Ph.D. The Cerro Querma Au-Cu high sulfidation system (Peninsula de Azuero, Panama)
Jeffrey Edelen US$2,600 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.S. Geology of the Cerro Jumil gold skarn deposit (Morelos, Mexico)
Andrew Fornadel US$3,800 Iowa State University (USA) M.S. Porphyry to epithermal gold telluride mineralization in the Fakos Region (Limnos Island, Greece)
Benedek Gal US$2,400 Eotvos Lorand University (Budapest, Hungary) Ph.D. Development of a mineral exploration model for the Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization within the South Kawishiwi Intrusion (Duluth Complex, Minnesota, USA), based on mineralogical, petrological, and geochemical analyses
Jack V. Gibbons US$1,500 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.S. Mineralogical and geochemical vectors to ore in the Hoyle Pond deposit Porcupine gold camp, Timmins, and application of SWIR spectroscopy to alteration mapping
Anabel Gomez US$2,300 University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) Ph.D. Metallogenic study of the San Pedro mining district (San Rafael Massif, Province of Mendoza, Argentina)
Martin Griessmann US$2,400 University of Adelaide (Australia) Ph.D. Gold mineralization of the Adelaide fold belt
Andreas Hahn US$1,000 Kingston University (Great Britain) Ph.D. Characterization and evolution of ore fluids related to diverse styles of Cu-Au and Pb-Zn (Ag-Au) mineralization in the Tertiary Kassandra mine district (NE Greece)
Cory Hanson US$2,000 University of Texas at Austin (USA) M.S. Mass balance assessment of wall-rock alteration and veining in the Ertsberg pluton (Ertsberg mining district, Papua, Indonesia)
Benjamin Kowalczyk US$2,100 Lakehead University (Canada) M.S. Mineralization and alteration of the D zone at the Williams gold mine (Hemlo) (Marathon, Ontario, Canada)
Alina V. Kuptsova US$1,500 St. Petersburg State University (Russia) Ph.D. Geochemistry and alteration of sandstone and basement rocks of the East-Anabar Basin with high potential for unconformity-type uranium deposits
Nathalie Lefebvre US$2,000 University of Otago (New Zealand) Ph.D. Understanding the eruption behavior of maar-diatreme volcanoes (Hopi Buttes Volcanic Field, Navajo Nation, Arizona, USA)
Christopher Longton US$2,500 Oregon State University (Oregon, USA) M.S. Trace element zonation in altered vein selvages (Butte, Montana, USA)
Luciano Lopez US$2,100 University Nacional de La Plata (Argentina) M.S. Geology and metallogenesis of the polymetallic Purisima-Rumicruz district (Cochinoca department, Jujuy Province, Argentina)
Yongjun Lu US$2,000 University of Western Australia (Australia) Ph.D. Understanding variation in metal endowment within the post-collisional alkalic porphyry mineral system in Eastern Tibetan Plateau (NW Yunnan, China)
Subhadip Mandal US$2,000 University of Alabama (Alabama, USA) Ph.D. Structural styles of the Askot polymetallic deposit: Part of the Lesser Himalayan Duplex (Uttaranchal Pradesh, northwestern India)
Johannes Mederer US$2,000 University of Geneva (Switzerland) Ph.D. Base and precious metal ore deposits at Kapan (South Armenia)
Alex Moyes US$2,500 University of Utah (Utah, USA) M.S. Porosity and Permeability characterization of Gas Hills uranium roll front deposit with application to Hydraulic Fracturing.
Charles Musekamp US$2,800 Colorado State University (Colorado, USA) M.S. Fluid inclusion and mineral chemistry analysis of the composition of a magmatic fluids circulating around the Harrison Pass pluton during intrusion.
Melissa Ortelli US$2,500 University of Geneva (Switzerland) Ph.D. Chemistry and P-T fluids trapped in cogenetic opaque ore and transparent gangue.
Daniel Parvaz US$1,500 Camborne School of Mines (Great Britain) Ph.D. Development of geochemical methods for targeting lower environmental impact secondary copper deposits in the Troodos Massif, Cyprus.
Caldwell Payne US$3,700 Southern University Illinois (Carbondale, USA) M.S. Geologic significance of the mineralization and alteration of the Willard/Colado and Wind Mountain amagmatic epithermal Au-Ag deposits (Nevada, USA)
Jim Renaud US$2,500 University of Western Ontario (Canada) Ph.D. Mineralogical zoning of the U3O8 Corp. basement-hosted Archeng uranium deposit (Roraima Basin, British Guyana, South America)
Cabin Ross US$4,000 University of Minnesota, Duluth (USA) M.S. Statigraphy, physical volcanology and hydrothermal alteration associated with the Early Proterozoic Back Forty volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit (Menominee County, Minnesota, USA)
Saeed Saadat US$2,900 University of Colorado (USA) Ph.D. Field and laboratory study of Neogene volcanism and mineral deposits in Eastern Iran
Elizabeth D. Stock US$3,200 University of British Columbia (Canada) Ph.D. Geochemical and mineralogical footprints of the Red Lake gold mines (Northwestern Ontario, Canada)
Francisco Testa US$2,500 Univesidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina) Ph.D. The Bi-Au-Cu San Francisco de los Andes breccia pipe deposit (San Juan Province, Argentina); Structural, mineralogical, geochemical, isotopic and fluid inclusion characteristics
Erik Tharalson US$4,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.S. Deciphering the role of local sulfur and structural preparation, Serpentine Cu-Ni deposit (Duluth Complex, Minnesota, USA)
Thomas Tindell US$2,200 Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan) M.S. Geochemical characteristics of basement veins of the Kasuga high-suldeposit (Kagoshima, Japan)
Michael Totenhagen US$2,500 University of Minnesota, Duluth (USA) M.S. Characterization of gangue minerals in the lower cherty ores at United Taconite's Thunderbird mine
Jakob Wartman US$2,700 University of Minnesota, Duluth (USA) M.S. Volcanic stratigraphy, alteration mineralogy and timing of gold mineralization in the Rainy River greenstone belt
Andreas Wilms US$2,000 Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) M.S. The Bien Venue VMS deposit, Barberton greenstone belt (South Africa) characteristics of an Archean hydrothermal system.

Hickok-Radford Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Kirsty Reynolds US$5,000 Imperial College of London (Great Britain) M.S. Chemical mass transfer during alteration and Au mineralization of Archean greenstones, Sermiligaarsuk Fjord area (SW Greenland)

Newmont Mining Corporation Student Grant Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Jordan Armstrong US$3,000 University of Nevada Las Vegas (USA) M.S. Deciphering the evolution of ore fluids at the Batu Hijau copper-gold porphyry deposit (Sumbawa, Indonesia)
Therese Bejgarn US$4,000 Lulea University of Technology (Sweden) Ph.D. New styles of intrusion-related copper-gold deposits in northern Sweden
Simon Tapster US$4,000 University of Leicester (Great Britain) Ph.D. Magmatic, structural and tectonic controls on copper and gold in the Solomon Island arc (SW Pacific)
Qingtao Zeng US$4,000 University of Western Australia (Australia) Ph.D. Comparative studies of the geology and exhumation of the Liba-Jinshan and Dashui gold deposits in the West Qinling orogenic belt (West China)

Hugo T. Dummett Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
April Coombs US$3,650 University of Ottawa (Canada) M.S. The mineralogical, lithogeochemical and carbon isotopic characteristics of sulphide-bearing carbonaceous argillites in the Kidd Creek Region, Abitibi greenstone belt, and their use in mineral exploration
Mark D. Lindsay US$1,800 Monash University (Australia) Ph.D. Quantifying geological uncertainty during 3D geological modeling to improve the role of geology during potential field inversions
Janine Kottke-Levin US$4,500 University of the Free State (Bloemfontein, South Africa) M.S. A geochemical investigation of the Middle Group of the eastern Bushveld complex (South Africa) with special reference to PGE mineralization

Alberto Terrones L. Fund Details

Jaime Andrés Poblete
Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Tatiana Alva Jimenez US$3,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.S. White mica and chlorite compositions as exploration vector in the Highland Valley copper-molybdenum district (British Columbia)
US$3,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.S. Geology, geochronology and structural reconstruction of the Cerro Bayo epithermal district (Chilean Patagonia)

Timothy Nutt Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
This year there were no recipients.

Canada Foundation (SEGCF) Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Natalie Aubet US$3,500 University of Alberta (Canada) Ph.D. Petrography and geochemistry of banded iron formations from the Rio de la Plata Craton (Uruguay)
Geoffrey Baldwin US$3,500 Laurentian University (Canada) Ph.D. The Stratigraphy and geochemistry of the Rapitan Iron Formation
Neil Fernandes US$3,500 University of Alberta (Canada) M.S. Barite as a vector towards vent-proximal SEDEX mineralization in the Mackenzie Mountains (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Russell Hiebert US$3,000 University of Manitoba (Canada) Ph.D. Geochemical study of Ni-S and PGE mineralization associated with komatiites and ultramafic intrusions to identify sulfur source and vector towards mineralized zones
Jordan Laarman US$4,500 University of Western Ontario (Canada) Ph.D. A detailed metallogenic study of the McFaulds Lake chromite-PGE deposits (Northern Ontario)
Guillaume Lesage US$3,000 University of Alberta (Canada) M.S. Geochronology and metallogenic model of the Buritica gold deposit, Antioquia Department, Colombia
Robert Lodge US$3,500 Laurentian University (Canada) Ph.D. Volcanology and VMS-metallogeny of the Shebandowan greenstone belt (NW Ontario, Canada)
Abdul Razique US$4,500 University of British Columbia (Canada) Ph.D. Magmatic evolution and genesis of the giant Reko Diq porphyry Cu-Au deposit (District Chagai, Balochistan Province, Pakistan)
Paul Slezak US$3,000 Queen's University (Canada) M.S. The metallogeny of the Canastra and Vazante Groups in the Brasilia fold belt