SRG Recipients (2011)

The Society of Economic Geologists Foundation (SEGF) and the SEG Canada Foundation (SEGCF) are pleased to announce the SRG awards for 2011. An all time record high of 115 applications were received. The SEGF awarded 48 grants for a total US$117,000. The SEGCF awarded 20 additional grants for a total of CAN$49,500.

These grants will assist students with field and laboratory expenses for thesis research on mineral deposits as required for graduate degrees at accredited universities. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are available to students worldwide.

This year's successful candidates attend 48 different universities in 11 countries and distributed as follows: Canada (22), United States (19), UK (7), Argentina (5), Australia (5) , Bulgaria (2), Germany (2), Spain (2), Switzerland (2), Indonesia (1), and South Africa (1).

Hugh E. McKinstry Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Gregory Aaron US$2,225 Kent State University (USA) M.Sc. Acid Mine Drainage in Glaciated and Unglaciated Eastern Ohio, USA
Jasmi Hafiz Abdul-Aziz US$2,000 Technical University of Clausthal (Germany) Ph.D. Gold metallogeny (Peninsular, Malaysia)
Sufriadin As US$2,500 Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia) Ph.D. Weathering profiles in the Soroako Ni deposit (Sulawesi, Indonesia)
Luisa Ashworth-Broccardo US$2,000 University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) Ph.D. Rare metal and abyssal pegmatites (Damara Belt, Namibia)
Lindsey Clark US$2,500 University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA) M.Sc. Cortez Hills Carlin-type Au deposit (Nevada, USA>
Isaac Corral-Calleja US$2,000 Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain) Ph.D. Cerro Quema high sulphidation Au-Cu deposit (Panama)
Mareike Decker US$2,500 University of Wuerzburg (Germany) M.Sc. Detrital rutile in the Au-bearing Moeda Formation (Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Natalie Gentry US$2,500 Oklahoma State University (USA) M.Sc. Southwest Davis Zinc Field (Oklahoma, USA)
Stefano Gialli US$2,000 University of Geneva (Switzerland) M.Sc. Madneuli deposit (Bolnisi, Georgia)
Andreas Hahn US$2500 Kingston University (UK) Ph.D. Cu-Au and Pb-Zn mineralisation, Kassandra Mine district (Greece)
Wesley Hall US$2,500 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. Boseto stratiform copper deposit (Botswana)
Harold Hanneman US$1,445 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. Laguna Norte high sulphidation Au deposit (Peru)
Pierre Hemon US$2,500 University of Geneva (Switzerland) M.Sc. The Gedabek-Gosah-Karadagh ore deposit belt (Western Azerbaijan)
Ana-Sophie Hensler US$2,500 University of Western Australia (Australia) Ph.D. Hypogene iron ore (Iron Quadrangle, Brazil)
Nicholas Kerr US$2,500 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. Stonepark Zn-Pb Prospect (Ireland)
David Mole US$3,000 University of Western Australia (Australia) Ph.D. Komatiite-hosted Ni sulphide deposits (Yilgarn Craton, Australia)
Maureen Moore-Roth US$1,300 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (USA) M.Sc. Supergene enrichment (Copper Basin, Nevada, USA)
Claude Morissette US$2,500 University of Nevada, Reno (USA) M.Sc. Influence of the Li on the structure and chemistry of Hectorite
Kamelia Nedkova-Petrova US$2,000 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria) Ph.D. Golema Rakovitza ore field (Bulgaria)
Phillip Nickerson US$2,500 University of Arizona (USA) Ph.D. Eagle Pass Dike Swarm (Pinaleno Mountains, Arizona)
Joshua O'Brien US$2,500 Iowa State University (USA) M.Sc. Gahnite in the Broken Hill domain (Curnamona Province, Australia)
Sean O'Hare US$2,500 Laurentian University (Canada) M.Sc. Metalliferous black shale (Mackenzie Mountains, NWT, Canada>
Daniel Parvaz US$2,000 University of Exeter (UK) Ph.D. Secondary copper deposits (Troodos Massif, Cyprus)
Michael Pelch US$1,230 University of Missouri (USA) M.Sc. Fluorite deposits in the Illinois-Kentucky fluorite district (USA)
Ana Rainoldi US$2,500 South University (Argentina) Ph.D. Cu mineralisation and the presence of hydrocarbon (Neuquen, Argentina)
Mandi Reinshagen US$2,500 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. REE mineralisation (Bear Lodge, Wyoming, USA)
Maria Eugenia Rodriguez US$2,000 Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina) Ph.D. San Jose District, Deseado Massif (Patagonia, Argentina)
Dawn Ruth US$2,500 State University of New York at Buffalo (USA) Ph.D. Vapor-phase Mo transport in a mafic melt
Natalia Salado Paz US$2,000 University of Salta (Argentina) Ph.D. Epithermal mineralisation in Cerro Aguas Calientes (Puna, Argentina)
Mariel Schottenfeld US$2,000 University of Arizona (USA) M.Sc. Pumpkin Hollow IOCG deposit (Yerington, USA)
Roland Seubert US$3,000 Monash University (Australia) Ph.D. Ni-Cu-PGE potential of the Giles Complex (Central Australia)
Benjamin Snook US$2,500 Camborne School of Mines (UK) Ph.D. High purity Qz and rare metals, Bamble-Evje pegmatite belt (Norway)
Amy Stephen US$2,000 University of Leicester (UK) Ph.D. CO2 sequestration and geothermal systems in Tethyan ophiolites
Francisco Testa US$3,000 Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina) Ph.D. The San Francisco de los Andes Bi-Au-Cu breccia pipe (San Juan, Argentina)
Erik Tharalson US$2,300 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. Serpentine Cu-Ni deposit (Duluth Complex, USA)
Heather Veasey US$2,000 University of Georgia (USA) M.Sc. Haile gold mine (South Carolina, USA)

Hickok-Radford Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Owen Nicholls US$1,775 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. Money Knob intrusion-related Au deposit (Livengood, Alaska)
Anne Westhues US$3,225 Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) Ph.D. IOCG ores and related rocks (Norbotten Region, Sweden)

Newmont Mining Corporation Student Grant Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Magdalena Karakusheva US$2,000 University of Mining and Geology (St. Ivan Rilski, Bulgaria) M.Sc. Chelopech Au-Cu deposit (Bulgaria)
Christopher Lawley US$2,500 Durham University (UK) Ph.D. Lupa goldfield (Tanzania)
Robert Lowther US$3,000 University of Leeds (UK) Ph.D. Modelling the evolution of giant gold placers
Facundo Martinez US$3,500 University of Tucumán (Argentina) Ph.D. Culampaja gold district (Catamarca, Argentina)
Yunxing Xue US$4,000 Australian National University (Australia) Ph.D. St Ives gold deposit (WA, Australia)

*University where student is either attending (first year) or plans to attend graduate school, and degree being sought.

Hugo T. Dummett Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Jonathan Boswell US$2,500 University of Utah (USA) M.Sc. Volatiles in porphyry Cu deposits (Central Chile)
Amy Cockerton US$2,000 Monash University (Australia) M.Sc. Liquid Bi as a scavenger of Au (Stormont (TAS) and Kingsgate (NSW), Australia)
Ms. Rhian Jones US$1,550 Cardiff University (UK) Ph.D. Fe-Ni-Cu inclusions (Platreef, Northern Bushveld, South Africa)
Maria de las Nieves Gomez Miguelez US$4,950 Universidad Internacional de Andalucia (Spain) Ph.D. Supergene alteration of Las Cruces massive sulphide (Spain)

Alberto Terrones L. Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Alfonso Rodriguez-Madrid US$4,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc. La Bodega and La Mascota prospects (Santander, Colombia)

Timothy Nutt Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
This year there were no recipients.

Canada Foundation (SEGCF) Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Farhang Aliyari CAN$3,500 University of New Brunswick (Canada) Ph.D. Zartoroscht, deposit, Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic belt (Iran)
Melissa Anderson CAN$2,500 University of New Brunswick (Canada) M.Sc. Moose II Pegmatite (NWT, Canada)
Natalie Aubet CAN$2,500 University of Alberta (Canada) Ph.D. Banded iron formation (Rio de la Plata Craton, Uruguay)
Esther Bordet CAN$4,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) Ph.D. Metallogeny of the Nechako region (BC, Canada)
Stefanie Brueckner CAN$2,000 Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) Ph.D. Au-Ag-rich VMS deposits (Newfoundland Appalachians, Canada)
Francois Goulet CAN$2,500 Université du Québec à (Montréal, Canada) M.Sc. Epithermal Au deposits, central Cordillera thrust belt (Hispaniola)
Meghan Hewton CAN$2,000 Simon Fraser University (Canada) M.Sc. Mountain River Beryl showing (McKenzie Mountains, NWT, Canada)
Russel Hiebert CAN$2,000 University of Manitoba (Canada) Ph.D. Komatiite-hosted Ni-Cu-PGE mineralisation (Abitibi Belt, Ontario, Canada)
Nicole Hurtig CAN$4,500 McGill University (Canada) Ph.D. Metal transport during decompression and cooling
Jordan Laarman CAN$2,500 University of Western Ontario (Canada) Ph.D. McFauld’s Lake chromite deposits (Ontario, Canada)
Tea Laurila CAN$2,000 University of Ottawa (Canada) Ph.D. Metal precipitation in the Atlantis II deep (Red Sea)
Yanan Liu CAN$1,500 University of Toronto (Canada) Ph.D. Metal partitioning during magmatic sulphide precipitation
Tom Meuzelaar CAN$2,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) Ph.D. CO2 & H20 in vent fluids (Eskay Creek, BC, Canada)
Abdul Razique CAN$3,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) Ph.D. Reko Diq porphyry Cu-Au deposit (Chagai District, Pakistan)
Jim Renaud CAN$2,000 University of Western Ontario (Canada) Ph.D. Aricheng uranium deposit (Roraima Basin, British Guyana)
Evan Smith CAN$3,500 University of British Columbia (Canada) Ph.D. Fluid inclusions in gem-quality and industrial-grade diamonds
Eric Thiessen CAN$2,000 University of Alberta (Canada) M.Sc. Tiger Zone, Rau carbonate-replacement Au deposit (Yukon, Canada)
Rui Wang CAN$1,500 University of Alberta (Canada) Ph.D. Porphyry Cu deposits in the Gandese Belt (Tibet, China)
Osbaldo Zamora Vega CAN$2,000 University of Alberta (Canada) Ph.D. Mineralisation and volcano-tectonic evolution (Zacatecas District, Mexico)
Wei Zhang CAN$2,000 University of New Brunswick (Canada) Ph.D. Sisson Brook W-Mo-Cu deposit (New Brunswick, Canada)