SRG Recipients (2014)

The Society of Economic Geologists Foundation (SEGF) and the SEG Canada Foundation (SEGCF) are pleased to announce the SRG awards for 2014. This year the SEGF received 123 applications, of which 68 were selected to receive funding: US$127,000 and CAN$70,000.

These grants will assist students with field and laboratory expenses for thesis research on mineral deposits as required for graduate degrees at accredited universities. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are available to students worldwide.

This year's successful candidates attend 43 different universities in 16 countries and distributed as follows: United States (23), Canada (15), Australia (8), Switzerland (4), UK (4), Greece (2), Spain (2), Argentina (1), Brazil (1), China (2), Germany (1), Japan (1), Lithuania (1), Poland (1), South Africa (1), and Taiwan (1).

Hugh E. McKinstry Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Nuria Bach Oller US$1,650 University of Geneva (Switzerland) M.Sc. The Capanne pluton, Elba, Italy: Implications for ore-formation.
Wyatt Bain US$2,000 University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA) M.Sc. Models of hydrothermal fluid distribution around porphyry deposits.
Thomas Bovay US$1,600 University of Geneva (Switzerland) M.Sc. Distal johansenite-hedenbergite skarn as an ore-forming environment, Madan, Bulgaria.
Sam Broom-Fendley US$3,850 University of Exeter - Camborne School Of Mines (UK) Ph.D. Targeting heavy rare earth elements in carbonatite complexes.
George Case US$3,050 James Cook University (Australia) Ph.D. Genesis of the E1 group of iron oxide-copper deposit, Cloncurry, QLD, Australia.
Amaia Castellano US$2,500 University of Barcelona (Spain) Ph.D. Bailundo and lLongonjo carbonatites, Angola.
Brittany Cavender US$2,800 The University of Missouri, Columbia (USA) M.Sc. Unusual MVT mineralisation in the Viburnum Trend, SE Missouri, USA.
Jing Chen US$4,050 University of Tasmania (Australia) Ph.D. Vectoring to high grade ore zone, Zijnshan Cu-Au district, China.
Zachary Dodd US$2,000 Kansas State University (USA) M.Sc. Petrogenesis and REE in the alkaline Pilot Knob intrusion, WY, USA.
Michael Doyle US$2,750 University of Minnesota Duluth (USA) M.Sc. Geology and Geochemistry of volcanic and intrusive mafic rocks in the Midcontinent Rift, USA.
Matthew Dunlop US$3,000 University of Wyoming (USA) Ph.D. Magma recharge and igneous layering process in the Dufek layered mafic intrusion, Antarctica.
Jae Erickson US$3,500 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. REE mineralization and Formation of the Iron Hill (Powderhorn) Carbonatite Complex, CO, USA.
Emmanouil Galanos US$2,000 University of Athens (Greece) Ph.D. Hydrothermal alteration zones in the Kalotycho-Melitena area, NE Greece.
Jonathan Haynes US$2,650 Western Michigan University (USA) M.Sc. The Sturgeon Falls Sill Michigan, USA, and magmatic sulfide mineralization.
Brandon Ives US$2,000 Missouri State University (USA) M.Sc. Geophysics of REE deposits, SE Missouri, USA.
Malte Junge US$1,000 Leibniz University Hannover (Germany) Ph.D. PGE during weathering, Bushveld Complex, South Africa.
Vaida Kirkliauskaite US$1,900 Vilnius University (Lithuania) M.Sc. REE mineralization, Southern Lithuania.
Joanna Kolodziejczyk US$3,000 AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) Ph.D. Ag mineralization in the Pb-Zv-Ag Stan Terg deposit, Kosovo.
Matthew Ledvina US$2,500 The University of Texas at Austin (USA) M.Sc. Hydrothermal Fluid Flow Responsible for Cu-Au Mineralization in the Ertsberg Deposit, Papua, Indonesia.
Zhenzhen Li US$3,500 Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chines Academy of Science (China) Ph.D. Magmatic-hydrothermal transition, Chalukou Mo deposit, NE China
Monica Mendes US$2,000 Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) Ph.D. Mafic intrusions and Iron Ore, Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Brazil.
Ryan Mulhall US$3,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. Primary ore mineralogy of the mountain pass Carbonatite, California, USA.
Sean O'Neal US$3,800 University of Arizona (USA) PSM Laramide and middle tertiary magmatic-hydrothermal systems, Arizona, USA.
Richelle Pascual US$3,000 University of Tasmania (Australia) Ph.D. Role of silica in the formation of the Grieves Siding Zn-Pb prospect, TAS, Australia.
Shelby Rader US$3,000 University of Arizona (USA) Ph.D. Distribution and geochemistry of Thallium.
Melisa Salvioli US$2,750 Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina) Ph.D. Ba-Fe-Pb-Zn-Cu-Mn deposits, Cilipilli, Neuquen, Argentina.
Sarah Sauer US$2,000 University of Minnesota Duluth (USA) M.Sc. Upper Contact Zone of the Duluth Complex, USA: magma venting and plutonic-volcanic correlation.
Qihai Shu US$3,750 James Cook University - Peking University (Australia) Ph.D. Intrusion-related deposits in NE China.
Christos Stergiou US$2,500 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) M.Sc. Vathi Cu-Au+U+Mo deposit, North Greece.
Adam Thompson US$1,500 University of Minnesota- Duluth (USA) M.Sc. Soudan haemite ore, Minnesota, USA.
Jesus Velasco Acebes US$2,250 National Research Council (Spain) Ph.D. Formation of VMS deposits in extreme paleogeographic environments.
Joseph Wnukowski US$2,900 Southern Illinois University (USA) M.Sc. Petrogenetic models of the J-M Reef, Stillwater Complex, USA.
Paul Woods US$1,000 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (USA) M.Sc. Breccia, Bear Lodge, WY, USA: Implications for emplacement of carbonatite and REE mineralization.
Tremain Woods US$2,500 University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) M.Sc. Gold-Uranium-Carbon associations in the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa.
Wen Zhao US$2,750 The University of Hong Kong (China) Ph.D. Hydrothermal zircon and baddeleyite, Tengtie Fe skarn, South China.

Hickok-Radford Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Yang Li US$2,500 Durham University (UK) M.Sc. Ultra-precise geochronology and ore formation.
Stephanie Mrozek US$4,500 James Cook University (Australia) Ph.D. Antamina, Peru: Uplift, intrusive sequence and skarn mineralization.

Newmont Mining Corporation Student Grant Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Dylan Baldwin US$1,800 University of Nevada Reno (USA) M.Sc. Relationships between hydrothermal and volcanic activity, Bruner epithermal Au-Ag property, NV, USA.
Halley Keevil US$2,800 Colorado School of Mines (USA) Ph.D. White Mountain gold deposit, Jilin, China.
Thomas Mileham US$3,600 University of Leeds (UK) M.Sc. Microchemical signatures of gold in Cu-Au porphyries, BC, Canada.
Andrea Rielli US$3,800 Monash University (Australia) Ph.D. Precambrian porphyry Cu-Au mineralization and arc magma fertility.
Erin Stormont US$3,000 James Cook University (Australia) M.Sc. Hydrothermal breccia, Cloncurry, Australia: Implications for IOCG mineralsation.

Hugo T. Dummett Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Laura Bilenker US$3,000 University of Michigan (USA) Ph.D. Using Fe and O isotopes to fingerprint source reservoirs for IOCG/IOA deposits.
Duyen Tran US$2,000 National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan) M.Sc. Fe-Ti-V mineralzation in the Panzihua igneous complex, SW China.
Ian Winkelstern US$2,600 University of Michigan (USA) Ph.D. Dolomite clumped isotope thermometry.

Alberto Terrones L. Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
This year there were no recipients.

Timothy Nutt Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
This year there were no recipients.

Canada Foundation (SEGCF) Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Melissa Anderson CAN$5,000 University of Ottawa (Canada) Ph.D. Constraints on the geology and mineralization in a seafloor massive sulfide deposit, Solomon Islands.
Anezka Borcinova Radkova CAN$3,000 Queen's University (Canada) Ph.D. Influence of secondary oxyhydroxides precipitation on antimony and arsenic mobility in tailings.
Michael Buschette CAN$3,000 Memorial University (Canada) M.Sc. Boundary VMS deposit, Newfoundland.
Heather Carson CAN$5,000 Laurentian University (Canada) Ph.D. Cr-Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization in the Black Thor intrusion, Ontario, Canada.
David Diekrup CAN$5,000 University of Ottawa (Canada) Ph.D. Metal enrichment processes in Archean marine environments.
Ben Frieman CAN$3,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) Ph.D. Relationships between the Boston Creek and Kirkland/Larder Lakes domains, ONT, Canada.
Emilie Gagnon CAN$2,000 University of Ottawa (Canada) M.Sc. Lode Au deposits, Archean North Caribou greenstone belt, ONT, Canada.
Enkhgerel Gerelchuluun CAN$5,500 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc. Alteration and mineralization at the Poison Mountain Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposit, BC, Canada.
Ryan Kressall CAN$2,500 Dalhousie University (Canada) Ph.D. Dissolution of mantle minerals in kimberlite magmas and modeling of emplacement conditions.
Jonathan Lavoie CAN$2,500 University of Geneva (Switzerland) M.Sc. Upper Cretaceous polymetallic Beqtakari deposit, Georgia.
Kaveh Mehrmanesh CAN$3,500 Laurentian University (Canada) M.Sc. The Black Label Chromitite Horizon, Black Thor Intrusive Complex, Ontario, Canada.
Samuel Patterson CAN$2,000 University of Exeter - Camborne School Of Mines (UK) M.Sc. Auriferous Placer Deposits, Henderson Creek, Klondike, Canada.
Jessica Pickett CAN$3,500 Queen's University (Canada) M.Sc. PGE classification and recovery from glacial till dispersion trains.
Fabien Rabayrol CAN$5,000 University of British Columbia (Canada) Ph.D. Metallogeny and Tectonics of Anatolian epithermal and porphyry deposits, Turkey.
Kate Rubingh CAN$4,000 Laurentian University (Canada) Ph.D. Geological controls on gold mineralisation at the New Britannia Mine, Snow Lake, MAN, Canada.
Jessica Stromberg CAN$3,000 University of Western Ontario (Canada) Ph.D. A Geochemical and Isotopic Study of the Au-bearing Ankerite Veins at the Dome Mine, ONT, Canada.
Helen Thomas CAN$3,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. Controls on mineral assemblages in the La Ronde-Penna Au-rich VHMS deposit, QUE, Canada.
Scott Tokaryk CAN$5,000 Laurentian University (Canada) M.Sc. Gold mineralization and alteration in the Archean Vickers gabbroic complex, Nunavut, Canada.
Longbo Yang CAN$4,500 McGill University (Canada) Ph.D. Ore forming fluid compositions from fluorite-fluid trace element partitioning.

General Fund

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Huan Cui CAN$2,000 University of Maryland (USA) Ph.D. 3 Ediacaran and early cambrian phosphogenesis in south China.
Ariadni Afroditi Georgatou CAN$1,500 University of Geneva (Switzerland) M.Sc. 1 The P-T-H2O-fO2 conditions of magmatic sulfide saturation in Quaternary arc magmas, Ecuador.
Indrani Mukherjee CAN$1,650 University of Tasmania-CODES (Australia) Ph.D. 1 LA-ICPS analysis of mineralized and unmineralized Proterozoic black shales.
Aung Zaw Myint CAN$2,250 Kyushu University (Japan) Ph.D. 2 Sn-W-REE mineralization, Mawchi and Dawei areas, Myanmar.