SRG Recipients (2015)

The Society of Economic Geologists Foundation (SEGF) and the SEG Canada Foundation (SEGCF) are pleased to announce the SRG awards for 2015. This year the SEGF received 147 applications, of which 57 were selected to receive funding: US$123,870 and CAN$66,400.

These grants will assist students with field and laboratory expenses for thesis research on mineral deposits as required for graduate degrees at accredited universities. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are available to students worldwide.

This year's successful candidates attend 32 different universities in 14 countries and distributed as follows: United States (17), Australia (12), Canada (11), China (3), Germany (2), South Africa (2), Switzerland (2), UK (2), Brazil (1), France (1), Greece (1), Italy (1), Poland (1), and Taiwan (1).

Hugh E. McKinstry Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Jessica Bogossian US$5,000 University of Western Australia (Australia) Ph.D. Magmatic and metamorphic evolution of the Faina greenstone-belt and its implications for the metallogeny of Au-Cu-Fe mineral systems.
Hugo Bourque US$2,300 Orleans University (France) Ph.D. Study of Cu mineralization in the Precambrian basement and in the Adoudou cover of the Bou Azer-El Graara inlier, Morocco.
Lucas Cassini US$2,700 University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) M.Sc. Metallogenetic Evolution of the Patrocínio Gold Deposits, Tapajós, Brazil.
Tristan Childress US$3,000 University of Michigan (USA) Ph.D. Using Fe and O isotopes to fingerprint source reservoirs of magnetite from Chilean IOCGs.
Maria Lourdes Faustino US$2,800 University of Tasmania (Australia) M.Sc. The Plio-Pleistocene Intrusive History and Ore Paragenesis of Bayugo Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit, Philippines.
Emmanouil Galanos US$3,400 University of Athens (Greece) Ph.D. Mineralogical study of hydrothermal alteration zones in the Kalotycho-Melitena area, NE Greece: magmatic-tectonic events and ore deposition.
Hannah Grant US$4,800 University of Kiel (Germany) Ph.D. Mineralogical and Geochemical Assessment of Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits at Mid-Ocean Ridges.
Benjamin Hinks US$2,400 Western Michigan University (USA) M.Sc. Geochemical and petrological studies on the origin of Ni-Cu sulfide mineralization, Eagle Intrusion, Michigan.
Wei Hong US$4,500 University of Tasmania (Australia) Ph.D. Magmatic-hydrothermal volatile exsolution and mineralization in Tasmanian Sn granites.
Steven Howell US$4,100 University of Nevada, Reno (USA) M.Sc. Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Hydrothermal Fluids of the Round Mountain Gold Deposit.
Yuhang Jiang US$2,800 Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS (China) Ph.D. Fluid evolution of the Paleoproterozoic metamorphosed sediment-hosted stratiform Cu systems in Zhongtiaoshan, China: fluid inclusions and C-H-O isotopes.
Luying Jin US$3,500 Institute of Geology and Geophysics (China) Ph.D. Porphyry Mo to vein Zn-Pb Transition: REE, fluid inclusions and Sr-Nd isotopic studies of fluorite from Chalukou Mo-Zn-Pb deposit, China.
Xiaoye Jin US$2,400 University of China of Geosciences (China) Ph.D. In-situ trace element, S, and Pb isotope analysis of pyrite from sediment-hosted Au deposits, SW China.
Bartosz Karykowski US$4,670 Cardiff University (UK) Ph.D. Understanding layered intrusions: field-based and analytical evidence from the Bushveld and Monchegorsk Complexes.
Simon Kocher US$4,100 Imperial College (UK) Ph.D. Controls on the distribution of Mo and other critical trace elements at the Bingham Canyon porphyry deposit, Utah.
Brian Konecke US$3,500 University of Michigan (USA) Ph.D. Sulfur Speciation & Sulfur Isotopes in Apatite and Silicate Melts: Constraining Redox Conditions and Sulfur Source(s) of Porphyry Type Deposits.
Lisias Negonga US$3,400 University of Cape Town (South Africa) M.Sc. The Genesis and Controls of Au Mineralization, Otjikoto, Namibia.
Ibiyemi Ogungbuyi US$4,700 University of Cape Town (South Africa) Ph.D. The Geochemistry and source characteristics of carbonatites and related alkaline rocks from Southern Namibia and Northern Cape (South Africa).
Laura Perry US$2,500 University of Missouri (USA) M.Sc. Geochemistry and reaction path modeling of Cu-(Ni-Co)-Zn-rich MVT ores, southeast Missouri, USA.
Pham Pham US$4,000 National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan) Ph.D. Petrogenesis and metallogenesis of Mo-(Au) bearing Cenozoic granites of the Ye Yen Sun Complex, Vietnam.
Ashley Quigley US$3,000 Colorado School of Mines (USA) M.Sc. Setting of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits in the Paleoproterozoic Penokean volcanic belt, Lake Superior Region, USA.
Herve Rezeau US$1,600 University of Geneva (Switzerland) Ph.D. Timescale and magmatic-hydrothermal processes of the Tertiary magmatism and porphyry Cu-Mo formation in the Meghri-Ordubad pluton (Armenia and Iran).
Carson Richardson US$4,300 University of Arizona (USA) Ph.D. Structural reconstruction of the northern Shoshone Range and the relationship of the Granite Mountain pluton to the Hilltop-Maysville Summit-Mt. Lewis mining districts.
Fredrik Sahlstrom US$3,700 James Cook University (Australia) Ph.D. Mt Carlton high-suphlidation epithermal deposit, Queensland, Australia: geology, genesis and implications for exploration.
Nathan Williams US$4,100 University of Texas at Austin (USA) M.Sc. Paleotopographic Controls on MVT Mineralization and Frac Sand Deposition in Central Texas.

Hickok-Radford Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Lauren Lande US$3,800 University of Alaska Fairbanks (USA) M.Sc. A petrological model for emplacement of the ultramafic Ni-Cu-PGE Alpha complex, Alaska.
Tashi Tenzin US$3,400 University of Western Australia (Australia) M.Sc. Granite-related Mineralising Systems in Bhutan

Newmont Mining Corporation Student Grant Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Ijaz Ahmad US$2,500 University of Alberta (Canada) M.Sc. Potential sources of post-subduction Cu-Au mineralization, Kohistan arc, Pakistan.
Michael Calder US$2,000 James Cook University (Australia) Ph.D. Zonation, paragenesis and fluid evolution from the root to top of the Far Southeast-Lepanto porphyry-epithermal system, Philippines.
Ben Cave US$4,000 University of Tasmania (Australia) Ph.D. Source of scheelite in metaturbidite-hosted orogenic gold deposits: A metamorphic source of W in the orogenic Au deposits of Otago, New Zealand and Nova Scotia, Canada.
Anthony Gesualdo US$2,500 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (USA) M.Sc. Structural Controls on Mineralization at Marigold Mine, Humboldt County, Nevada: Structural Analysis of the Terry Zone Complex.
Rachel Harrison US$4,000 University of Tasmania (CODES) (Australia) Ph.D. The Tumpangpitu Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo and High-Sulfidation Epithermal Au-Ag Deposit, Tujuh Bukit, Indonesia.

Hugo T. Dummett Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Gregory Dering US$3,400 University of Western Australia (Australia) Ph.D. Dynamics and emplacement mechanisms of mafic magma networks with implications for intrusion-hosted Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposits.
Wesley Hall US$1,500 Colorado School of Mines (USA) Ph.D. Tectonostratigraphic analysis of the Ghanzi basin, NW Botswana and eastern Namibia: implications for Cu-Ag mineralization in the Kalahari Copper Belt.
Stuart Kenderes US$1,400 University of Missouri (USA) M.Sc. Using SEM-EDS to measure fluorine concentrations of fluid inclusions in the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar district.
Heta Lampinen US$3,300 University of Western Australia (Australia) Ph.D. Mineral Systems distal footprints at the Edmund basin of Capricorn Orogen.
Stephanie Mrozek US$1,500 James Cook University (Australia) Ph.D. The Giant Antamina Deposit, Peru: Uplift History, Intrusive Sequence, and Skarn Mineralisation.
Indrani Mukherjee US$3,300 University of Tasmania (Australia) Ph.D. LA-ICPMS pyrite trace element chemistry of barren and base metal laden Proterozoic black shales from Australia and India.

Alberto Terrones L. Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
This year there were no recipients.

Timothy Nutt Fund Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
This year there were no recipients.

Canada Foundation (SEGCF) Details

Name Award Amount University Degree Project Area
Giuseppe Arfe CAN$4,000 Universita degli Studi di Napoli Frederico II (Italy) Ph.D. Supergene Zn-(Pb) nonsulfide deposits in the Bongarà district, northern Perù
Yannick Bussweiler CAN$3,500 University of Alberta (Canada) Ph.D. Olivine as a Petrogenetic and Exploration Indicator in Lac de Gras Kimberlites.
Neil Fernandes CAN$3,800 Queen's University (Canada) Ph.D. Metal- and organic-rich horizons in Proterozoic, siliciclastic rocks of the Vazante mining district, Brazil: metal sources for sediment-hosted Zn-Pb deposits.
Ben Frieman CAN$3,500 Colorado School of Mines (USA) Ph.D. Structural evolution and geodynamic setting of the southern Abitibi subprovince in Ontario and Quebec, Canada.
Kathryn Grodzicki CAN$3,800 University of British Columbia - MRDU (Canada) Ph.D. Geology, alteration, and mineralization of the Coffee Au deposit, Yukon, Canada.
Erik Haroldson CAN$3,000 University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) Ph.D. Fluid Inclusion study of the Reef Au-Cu Occurrence, Marathon County, Wisconsin.
Christopher Herron CAN$4,200 University of British Columbia (Canada) M.Sc. Defining the carbonate alteration footprint of the Cortez Hills Au deposit, USA using stable isotopes 18O and 13C as an exploration tool.
Tyler Hill CAN$3,000 University of Nevada-Reno (USA) M.Sc. Time Space Relationships between Sediment-hosted Au Mineralization and Intrusion-Related Polymetallic Mineralization at Kinsley Mountain, NV, USA.
Halley Keevil CAN$2,700 Colorado School of Mines (USA) Ph.D. The White Mountain Au Deposit, Jilin Province, China: Defining Ore Controls in an Enigmatic Breccia-Hosted Au Deposit.
Joanna Kolodziejczyk CAN$3,600 AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) Ph.D. Bi mineralization in the Stan Terg Pb-Zn-Ag deposit, Kosovo.
Gustavo Oliveira CAN$4,000 Queen's University (Canada) M.Sc. Geochemistry and Paragenesis of the Vazante Group Carbonates, Brazil: Fluid-Rock Interaction and Zn Mineralization During Basin Evolution.
Merli Oliveras Segui CAN$2,600 University of Geneva (Switzerland) M.Sc. Ore-forming fluids in the Lepanto epithermal high-sulfidation deposit, Philippines: Composition, origin and time evolution.
Kiyavash Parvar CAN$3,000 Queen's University (Canada) M.Sc. Development of Autonomous UAV systems for magnetic field surveys.
Laurence Pryer CAN$4,500 University of Alberta (Canada) Ph.D. Post orogenic unroofing of the Anvil Batholith, Central Yukon and the effect on mineralization.
Fabien Rabayrol CAN$4,500 University of British Columbia (Canada) Ph.D. Tectono-Magmatic Evolution of the Anatolian-Tauride metallogenic belt, Turkey.
Sandra Rosset CAN$1,500 University of British Columbia - MDRU (Canada) M.Sc. Hydrothermal Alteration at the Kerr Deposit, KSM Project, NWBC, Canada.
Simone Runyon CAN$3,500 University of Arizona (USA) Ph.D. Variation in Porphyry Copper Deposits Across Arizona: Depth of Emplacement, Pluton Composition, and Na-Ca (-K) Alteration.
Stefanos Zaimis CAN$3,500 TU Bergakademie of Freiberg (Germany) Ph.D. The distribution of critical metals at the Lavrion (Attica, Greece) intrusion-related polymetallic ore system.
Khalhela Zoeller CAN$4,200 University of Ottawa (Canada) Ph.D. Source of metals in oceanic crustal rocks: Implications for metal fluxes to high-temperature seafloor hydrothermal fluids on the mid-ocean ridges.