Student Chapter Virtual Field Trip Competition Guidelines

Thank you all for your excellent submissions - we look forward to reviewing them. If you have any questions, please email Duncan Proctor at

Guidelines for participation

  1. Each chapter may only submit one entry.
  2. Chapters may collaborate with each other and "team-up" to create a single entry, but they must identify all chapters involved and be aware that they are still only eligible for one prize. Prize awards will not be increased for winning entries that have multiple chapter participants.
  3. Individuals may not enter the competition on their own, as this must be a chapter effort.
  4. Chapters must be in "good standing" with SEG in order to enter the competition.
  5. Both students and faculty advisors may participate and assist in the creation of the vlog entries.

Competition rules for submitting a vlog entry

  1. Videos entries must be no longer than 6 minutes in length.
  2. All video submissions must contain the following:
    • Brief introduction to the Student Chapter (who are you?, where are you from?, etc).
    • What is (are) your key geologic site(s) and where are they located?
    • Provide at least a brief explanation of the geologic history and context as applicable.
    • What is the significance to the field of economic geology?
    • Each vlog entry will be accompanied by a 350-word or less abstract overview that describes the above mentioned criteria.
  3. Must contain a theme relevant to economic geology — a local or regional geologic feature with economic significance (e.g., outcrops, mine site, historical area, etc.).
  4. All submissions must be the original work of the SEG Student Chapter, including all video footage.
  5. Chapters must have all relevant permissions to show their video footage (no sneaking onto privately property in the dark!) and will be asked to verify that all parties involved consent to the publishing of the vlog entry on a public forum. If you wish to take video on private property such as a mine or exploration site, please ask for permission to do so and be forthcoming in the purpose of its intended use.
  6. Chapters should make sure that they are complying with and following all COVID-19 regulations for their region while creating a vlog entry.
  7. Entries may not contain any obscene language or objectionable imagery.
  8. All entries must be submitted in English, though they may contain subtitles in other languages if desired.

Judging and awards

A panel of five judges, chosen from SEG committees, will be selected to participate in the awarding of prizes. Judging of the submissions will be based on the following four criteria:

  • Presentation quality.
  • Technical accuracy.
  • Creativity.
  • Overall video design.

Competition winners will be announced at the SEG 100 Conference in Whistler, Canada, this September and SEG will showcase the top selected entries on the virtual conference platform. During the conference, a popular vote will also be held to determine the fan favorite vlog entry and prizes will be awarded.

Prizes for competition winners

1st place - US$3,000

2nd place - US$1,500

3rd place - US$1,000

Popular vote winner - US$500

Additionally, the 1st place prize will also include a full-page article in SEG Discovery promoting the winning SEG Student Chapter and their vlog entry, a news article hosted at, and a promotional email announcement showcasing their achievement.

The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive honorable mentions in SEG Discovery and also be featured in a promotional email announcement.

All participating chapters will receive name recognition for their entries through SEG Discovery and the SEG website.