Regional Vice President Lecturer

Prior Lecturers and Topics

Year Lecturer Location Topic(s)
2014 Zengqian Hou China
  • Continental Collisional Processes and Ore Systems in the Himalayan-Tibetan Orogen.
  • Genesis of Porphyry Cu Deposits in Non-Arc Settings.
  • Genesis of Carbonatites and Carbonatite-Hosted REE Deposits.
2013 Nicholas (Nick) T. Arndt France
  • Large Igneous Provinces: Their Ore Deposits and Environmental Impact.
  • Norilsk Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits: Geological Setting and Ore Formation.
  • Komatiites: Petrogenesis and Ore Deposits.
2012 R.E. "Jock" Harmer South Africa
  • Rare earth elements: Why the fuss? (A review of the rare earth element market: Uses, current and future demand drivers, market supply/demand balance; implications of China’s near-monopoly and consequences of supply and price uncertainty; exploration and exploitation challenges involved in developing (reestablishing) a non-Chinese sources of the REE).
  • Exploration challenges in meeting growing global rare earth element demand from non-Chinese sources.
  • Evolution of carbonatite magmas and the development of REE enrichment: Implications for exploration.
  • Non-Platreef styles of PGE Mineralization in the Northern Limb of the Bushveld.
2011 Chusi Li United States
  • Giant Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposits in small mafic-ultramafic intrusions: Genetic controls and exploration implications
  • The Jinchuan Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposit in China: Age, tectonic setting, magma evolution, ore genesis and regional exploration
  • Ni-Cu deposits associated with Permian protracted basaltic magmatism in northern Xinjiang, Central Asian Orogenic Belt
2010 Alvaro P. Crósta Brazil
2008-2009 Larryn Diamond Switzerland
2007-2008 Stuart F. Simmons New Zealand
2006-2007 Nicolay A. Goryachev Russia
2005-2006 Nicolas J. Beukes South Africa
2004-2005 Richard A. Leveille United States
2003-2004 Yasushi Watanabe Japan
2002-2003 Timothy Baker Australia
2001-2002 Lluis Fontbote Europe
2000-2001 Miguel Cardozo South America
1994 Cesar E. Vidal South America
1993 Henryk H. Kucha Europe
1991 Lawrence J. Robb Africa
1990 C. Stewart Eldrige Australia