Organizing Committee

The success of a Society conference depends on a strong partnership between volunteers, meeting planners, and staff. The members of the SEG 2014 Organizing Committee are a dedicated and energetic group of mostly volunteers who represent the makeup of the Society in terms of industry, academia, governmental and non-profit organizations. SEG thanks all of these individuals and their respective organizations for their commitment to planning this important event.

Headshot of Barton J. Suchomel

Conference Chair

Barton J. Suchomel

Western Mining Services LLC

Headshot of Jonathan M. A. Hronsky

Technical Program Chair

Jonathan M. A. Hronsky

Western Mining Services LLC

Headshot of Karen D. Kelley

Publications Chair

Karen D. Kelley

U.S. Geological Survey

Headshot of John E. Black

Course/Workshop Coordinator

John E. Black

Double Black Diamond Resources LLC

Headshot of G. Bradford Margeson

Course/Workshop Coordinator

G. Bradford Margeson

Western Mining Services LLC

Headshot of William X. Chavez, Jr.

Field Trip Coordinator

William X. Chávez, Jr.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Headshot of Thomas Monecke

Student Programs Coordinator

Thomas Monecke

Colorado School of Mines

Headshot of Brian G. Hoal

Executive Director

Brian G. Hoal

Society of Economic Geologists

Headshot of Nikki L. Jamison

Marketing/Fundraising Programs

Nikki L. Jamison

Society of Economic Geologists

Headshot of Darline Daley


Darline Daley

Quality Business Services

Headshot of Christine A. Horrigan


Christine A. Horrigan

Society of Economic Geologists