Technical Program

The Technical Program will include 74 speakers (22 invited) and close to 200 posters. There will be six themes spread over three days of technical sessions.

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* Invited talks to be published as part of SEG Special Publication, No. 18 (available at a discounted price when you register).

Headshot of Robert M. Friedland

SEG Industry Outlook Dinner

Date: September 29, 2014 (Monday), 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Guest Speaker: Robert M. Friedland | Executive Chairman and founder, Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
Talk Title: "Global Urbanization, Pollution and the Metals We Need"

Invited Presentations

Specimen of banded bonanza Au-Ag veins at Sleeper deposit in Nevada
Theme 1: Fundamental Advances in Economic Geology

Speaker: Massimo Chiaradia* | University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Co-authors: U. Schaltegger and R. Spikings

Talk Title: "Timescales of mineral systems — What have we learned in the past decade?"

Speaker: Robert Hazen* | Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, D.C., USA

Co-authors: X. Liu, R.T. Downs, J. Golden, E.S. Grew, G. Hystad, C. Estrada, and D.A. Sverjensky

Talk Title: "Mineral evolution: Episodic metallogenesis, the supercontinent cycle, and the co-evolving geosphere and biosphere"

Speaker: Clint Scott* | U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA, USA

Co-authors: J.F. Slack and K.D. Kelley

Talk Title: "The role of geobiology on the metallogenesis of sediment-hosted mineral deposits"

Speaker: Philipp Weis* | ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

Talk Title: "The physical hydrology of ore-forming magmatic-hydrothermal systems"

Speaker: Anthony Williams-Jones* | McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada

Co-author: A.A. Migdisov

Talk Title: "Experimental constraints on the transport and deposition of metals in ore-forming hydrothermal systems"

Theme 2: Deposit Footprints

Speaker: Ravi Anand* | CSIRO / Minerals Down Under, Kensington, WA, Australia

Co-authors: M. Lintern, R. Noble, M. Aspandiar, C. MacFarlane, R. Hough, A. Stewart, S. Wakelin, B. Townley, and N. Reid

Talk Title: "Geochemical dispersion through transported cover in regolith-dominated terrains — Towards understanding the process"

Speaker: David Cooke* | University of Tasmania / CODES, Hobart, TAS, Australia

Co-authors: M. Baker, P. Hollings, G. Sweet, Z. Chang, L. Danyushevsky, S. Gilbert, T. Zhou, N. White, J.B. Gemmell, and S. Inglis

Talk Title: "New advances in detecting the distal geochemical footprints of porphyry systems — Epidote mineral chemistry as a tool for vectoring and fertility assessments"

Speaker: Ken Witherly* | Condor Consulting, Inc., Lakewood, CO, USA

Talk Title: "Geophysical expressions of ore systems, not deposits — Our current understanding" [Also presenting a post-conference workshop. See p. 4 of Second Circular for details.]

Carlin gold
Theme 3: Mineral System Science

Speaker: Hartwig Frimmel* | University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany

Talk Title: "A Giant Mesoarchean crustal goldenrichment episode: Possible causes and consequences for exploration"

Speaker: T. Campbell McCuaig* | University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA, Australia

Co-author: J.M.A. Hronsky

Talk Title: "The mineral system concept: Key to exploration targeting under cover"

Speaker: John Muntean | University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA

Co-author: J. Cline

Talk Title: "The Carlin gold system: Applications to exploration in Nevada and elsewhere"

Coiled tubing rig
Theme 4: Innovations in Exploration Technology

Speaker: Paul Agnew | Rio Tinto, Bundoora, VIC, Australia

Talk Title: "Micro-analytical innovation for diamonds exploration and beyond"

Speaker: Doug Bryman* | University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Co-authors: J. Bueno, K. Davis, V. Kaminski, Z. Liu, D. Oldenburg, M. Pilkington, and R. Sawyer

Talk Title: "Muon Geotomography — Bringing new physics to ore-body imaging"

Speaker: Richard Hillis* | Deep Exploration Technologies CRC, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Co-authors: A. Baensch, J.S. Cleverley, D. Giles, S.W. Halley, B.D. Harris, S.M. Hill, P.A. Kanck, S.P. Soe, and G. Stewart

Talk Title: "Coiled tubing drilling and real-time sensing — Enabling "prospecting drilling" in the 21st Century?" [Also presenting a pre-conference workshop. See p. 3 of Second Circular for details.]

Speaker: Mark Jessell* | University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA, Australia

Co-authors: L. Aillères, E. de Kemp, M. Lindsay, F. Wellmann, M. Hillier, G. Laurent, T. Carmichael, R. Martin

Talk Title: "Next generation 3D geological modelling and inversion"

Drill rigs are at Beeshoek - Fe-Mn in South Africa
Theme 5: Exploration Management and Targeting

Headshot of Randall Oliphant

Speaker: Randall Oliphant | Executive Chairman, New Gold, Toronto, ON, Canada | Chairman of the World Gold Council

Talk Title: "What does the global exploration industry need to deliver in the 21st Century? — A shareholder's perspective"

Speaker: Richard Schodde | MinExCo, South Yarra, VIC, Australia

Talk Title: "The global shift to undercover exploration — How fast? How effective?"

Speaker: John Sykes* | Curtin University, Perth, WA, Australia

Co-author: A. Trench

Talk Title: "Finding the copper mine of the 21st Century: Conceptual exploration targeting for hypothetical copper reserves"

Speaker: Kaihui Yang | Zijin Mining Group, Xiamen, China

Talk Title: "Mineral exploration industry in China"

Chuquicamata, Chile, the world's largest open-pit copper mine
Theme 6: Case Studies of 21st Century Exploration Success

Speaker: Graham Brown* | Anglo American, London, UK

Talk Title: "Anglo American Exploration — Key ingredients to a decade of success"

Speaker: David Broughton | Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada

Co-authors: D. Kirwin, W. Hayden, and R.E. Flood

Talk Title: "The Ivanhoe Group — Two decades of global discoveries"

Speaker: Mark Bennett* | Sirius Resources NL, Balcatta, WA, Australia

Co-authors: M. Gollan, M. Staubmann, and J. Bartlett, Motive

Talk Title: "Means and opportunity: Key factors in the discovery of the Nova-Bollinger magmatic Ni-Cu sulfide deposits of Western Australia"