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Upcoming SEG Conferences

All SEG Conferences are held toward the end of September. We hope to see you there so mark your calendars and plan accordingly.

2017 Events
June 4-7
Title: FUTORES II International Conference
Location: Townsville, QLD, Australia

 This conference will address issues related to new understanding in mineral deposits, tectonics, basins, metallogenesis, new technologies and approaches in mineral and energy resources exploration, including the challenge of exploration in areas with cover, and trends in the resources industry.

Host: Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU)
Convener: Zhaoshan Chang

For more information, contact

First Circular
Preliminary Program

July 15-24
Title: Carlin-Type Gold Deposits of Northern Nevada, USA
Location: Nevada, USA

 This will be No. 16 in the continuing series of SEG Foundation sponsored student field trips, and marks the tenth anniversary of the program.

Leaders: Jean Cline and John Muntean

Application Deadline: March 31, 2017


August 4-9
Title: Magmatism of the Earth and Related Strategic Metal Deposits
Location: Miass (Chelyabinsk Region), Russia

 The conference aim is providing a platform for researchers and practitioners to exchange emerging ideas and to investigate key issues of geochemistry, petrology, and metallogeny of terrestrial magmatism. Participants can take part in one-day field excursions to the famous ore deposits and geological localities of the Ural Mountains.

The XI International School for young scientists, which will focus on introducing state-of-the-art developments in the field of earth sciences, will be held concurrently with the conference.

August 20-23
Title: SGA 2017: Mineral Resources to Discover
Location: Québec City, Canada


September 2-6
Title: 5th International Conference
Location: Gremyachinsk, Lake Baikal, Russia

 5th International Conference: Ultramafic-mafic Complexes: Geology, Structure, Ore Potential

September 17-20
Title: SEG 2017 Conference
Location: Beijing, China

 SEG 2017: Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond

Abstract Submission Deadline: March 31, 2017
The Abstract Manager is closed and abstracts are currently under review.

Early Bird Registration Deadline: July 31, 2017
All field trips and workshops are first come, first served - don't delay! Visit

October 22-25
Title: GSA Annual Meeting
Location: Seattle, WA, USA


November 13-17
Title: 12th Annual Workshop - Ore Deposits Models and Exploration
Location: Changsha, China

 Lecture and Laboratory Instructors:
David Cooke, CODES, Australia — porphyries, epithermal Richard Goldfarb, US Geological Survey, Denver, USA — gold Dave Leach, US Geological Survey, Denver, USA — MVT, SEDEX Chusi Li, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA — magmatic Ni, Cr, Pt Noel White, Consultant, Brisbane, Australia — ore models, VMS Zhaoshan Chang, James Cook University, Australia — skarns Huayong Chen, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS, China — IOCG Lejun Zhang, CODES, Australia — W-Sn deposits, alteration minerals

For further information, contact Professor Huayong Chen at


November 28-December 1
Title: SEG-WMS Senior Exploration Management Course
Location: SEG Course Center | Littleton, CO, USA
Website: Register Online

 This highly rated four-day training course concerns the principles and practices of effective mineral exploration management. The curriculum covers the broad spectrum of technical and business issues that senior exploration managers typically face.

Early Bird Deadline: November 10, 2017


December 4-8
Title: American Exploration & Mining Association Annual Meeting
Location: Reno, NV, USA


2018 Events
September 22-25Title: SEG 2018
Location: Keystone, CO, USA

 SEG 2018: Metals, Minerals, and Society