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Upcoming SEG Conferences

All SEG Conferences are held toward the end of September. We hope to see you there so mark your calendars and plan accordingly.

2016 Events
March 4-5
Title: SEG pre-PDAC Short Course
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

 SEG pre-PDAC Short Course: The Metallogeny and Exploration for Zinc Ores: Meeting the Challenge for New Resources

Attention SEG members:
This course will be held prior to PDAC 2016. Registration is open! All SEG members must fill out an SEG Member Registration Form to receive the member rate for this course. However, please note that PDAC meeting registration fees for SEG members will be processed at the non-member rate.

SEG Member Registration Form

March 6-9
Title: Exploration Insights Session at PDAC 2016
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre | Toronto, ON, Canada

 PDAC invites technical, policy, and academic abstracts for presentation during the Exploration Insights session at PDAC 2016.

Exploration Insights, formerly the Open Session, will be a high-profile venue for speakers who wish to present topical subjects at the Convention in a forum outside the themed Technical Sessions. The selection committee is particularly interested in technical, policy and academic abstracts.

All interested individuals, including academics and graduate students, are welcome to apply

Application Form

March 7
Title: PDAC-SEG Student Minerals Colloquium
Location: Royal York Hotel | Toronto, ON, Canada

 This event highlights the current research of B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc., and Ph.D. students as well as PDFs across North America in fields related to economic geology; including mapping, mineralogy, geochemistry, and environmental research.


March 21-23
Title: NAC+ 2016
Location: Royal College of Surgeons | Edinburgh, UK

 Following on from the successful first North Atlantic Craton meeting in St Andrews in March 2014, the organising committee invites you to attend the second meeting in Edinburgh in 2016.

The North Atlantic Craton (NAC) stretches from Canada through Greenland, Scotland and into Norway. This meeting welcomes contributions that develop our understanding of the NAC and its surrounding mobile belts, and their mineral resource potential.

Science themes:

  • Formation and cratonisation of the NAC: from micro-continents to craton
  • Proterozoic orogens: the mobile belts surrounding the NAC
  • The NAC margin in Canada and its mineralisation
  • Metallogenesis and links to geodynamic setting
  • Mineral resources of the NAC and adjacent Palaeoproterozoic mobile belts


April 20-30
Title: SEG-SGA-UNESCO Latin American Metallogeny Course
Location: Copiapó, Chile

 Confirmed Instructors: J. Hedenquist, C. Mpodzis, R. Sillitoe, F. Tornos, and L. Fontboté

  • Field Trip 1: Magnetite-Apatite and IOCG Deposits | April 20-22, 2016
  • Theoretical-Practical Sessions | April 23-26, 2016
  • Porphyry Day on the White-Board (R. Sillitoe) | April 27, 2016
  • Field Trip 2: Porphyry Cu and Au-Ag Epithermal Deposits | April 28-30, 2016

Deadline for grant applications and pre-registration (limited space): February 5, 2016


May 15-18
Title: SIMEXMIN 2016
Location: Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil

 SIMEXMIN 2016: VII Brazilian Symposium on Mineral Exploration

The Brazilian Symposium on Mineral Exploration, SIMEXMIN, in its seventh edition, is already considered the main event in the mining sector. SIMEXMIN 2016 will take place in a moment in which, after a positive cycle, mineral exploration is facing a huge crisis with a still unknown scenario, in the short and long terms. Both the instability in mineral commodities' market prices and the decrease in financing to mineral research demand an urgent discussion on the conditions of mineral research activity.

May 19
Title: SEG post-SIMEXMIN Course
Location: Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil

 SEG post-SIMEXMIN Course: Exploration in the 21st Century

Presenter: César E. Aguirre (SEG 2015 Regional Vice President Lecturer)


June 19-24
Title: Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
Location: Les Diablerets Conference Center | Les Diablerets, Switzerland

 The Gordon Research Conference, Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits From Deep Earth to Surface: Metals for Society, will provide a truly unique opportunity to address new research directions in economic geology and ore deposit geochemistry that will help meet the increasing resource needs for future generations. About 150 participants from academia and industry will discuss the latest concepts and new ideas about the formation of diverse mineral systems, focusing on the highest value research areas relevant to understanding the formation and distribution of major mineral deposits, mineral exploration targeting and sustainable mining.


August 27-September 4
Title: 35th International Geological Congress (IGC)
Location: Cape Town International Convention Centre | Cape Town, South Africa

 The Council for Geoscience, together with the Geological Society of South Africa and other collaborators from academia and industry, is currently spearheading the preparations for the 35th IGC in South Africa.

IGC objectives:

  • Contribute, in collaboration with and under the sponsorship of the IUGS, to the advancement of fundamental and applied research in the geological sciences.
  • Provide a general assembly of geoscientists, spanning a wide range of geoscience disciplines, where ideas and informationinformation can be freely exchanged.
  • Emphasise the geological specialities or challenges of the host country or region.
  • Provide the opportunity, by way of geological excursions, to examine geological problems and features in the field.

Third Circular

August 27-28
Title: SEG Workshop at IGC
Location: Cape Town International Convention Centre | Cape Town, South Africa

 SEG Workshop at IGC: Gold Deposits: Their Geology, Geochemistry, and Genesis

This two-day workshop is for those who want to improve their understanding about the geology and genesis of gold deposits. The course will provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the geology of gold ores in arc environments and metamorphic terranes. Geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, alteration, structure, tectonics, and exploration approaches will be covered for the main gold deposit types.

Presenters: Richard J. Goldfarb and Stuart F. Simmons

Details | Register (You need to register for the conference first then in the subsequent step, you will find registration for workshops.)

August 28
Title: SEG Workshop at IGC
Location: Cape Town International Convention Centre | Cape Town, South Africa

 SEG Workshop at IGC: Economic Geology 101

This one-day course will introduce participants to the discipline of economic geology in terms of opportunities for career paths and for academic research. A series of short modules on ore deposit topics, prepared by experts in the field, will range from global metallogeny to deposit scale analysis.

Presenters: Laurence Robb and Judith A. Kinnaird

Details | Register (You need to register for the conference first then in the subsequent step, you will find registration for workshops.)

September 5-9
Title: 13th International Ni-Cu-(PGE) Symposium
Location: Perth/Fremantle, WA, Australia

 The next in the series of international Ni-Cu-PGE conferences comes to Perth, the centre of the Australian metal mining industry and dynamic epicentre of Earth Science research.

Conference themes:

  • Geodynamics and architecture of magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE systems
  • Geophysical and geochemical imaging of ore forming processes
  • Physical processes of intrusion emplacement, magma flow, sulfide liquid transport, deposition, migration and deformation
  • New discoveries and exploration technologies
  • Non-conventional polymetallic Ni +/- Cu, PGE ores including sedimentary-hydrothermal settings


September 25-28
Title: 2016 GSA Annual Meeting
Location: Denver, CO, USA

 Save the date! Stay tuned for more information.

September 25-28
Title: SEG 2016 Conference
Location: Cesme, Turkey

 SEG 2016: Tethyan Tectonics and Metallogeny

The Tethyan belt is one of the world's most extensive tectonic and metallogenic belts, extending from Europe across Turkey and Asia Minor, through Iran and Tibet to the Malay peninsula. The SEG-MJD 2016 Conference will focus on collisional tectonics of the Tethyan Orogeny and ophiolite obduction, Cretaceous and Tertiary Tethyan arc magmatism, and later-stage Tethyan sedimentary basin and supergene environment development in an integrated approach to better understand the tectonic and metallogenic evolution of this economically productive region.

Abstract Submissions Deadline: March 31, 2016

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December 4-10
Title: American Exploration & Mining Association Annual Meeting
Location: Reno/Sparks, NV, USA

 Save the date! Stay tuned for more information.