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Student Events

2016 Events
February 25-26Title: EGRU and JCU SEG Student Chapter Short Course
Location: James Cook University | Townsville, QLD, Australia

Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU) and JCU SEG Student Chapter Short Course: Understanding of, and exploration for, porphyry and epithermal deposits: Processes, transitions, and variations.

Course topics:

  • Volcanic-related hydrothermal systems, processes, and porphyry Cu-Au deposits
  • Lithocaps, enargite-Au deposits, and transition to the porphyry environment
  • Geothermal processes and epithermal Au-Ag deposits
  • Epithermal Ag-Au-base metal deposits, and variations

Course leader: Jeffrey W. Hedenquist | Consulting Geologist, Ottawa, Canada