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Student Events

2016 Events
August 17-25Title: Porphyry Systems of Central and Southern British Columbia
Location: British Columbia, Canada

SFT-15 will transect the central Stikine, Cache Creek and Quesnel terranes of British Columbia that host an impressive variety of porphyry Cu-(Au, Mo, Ag) deposits, especially those from the prolific Late Triassic - Jurassic event. Five operating mines and two exploration properties will be visited, comprising porphyry deposits of: pre-accretion calc-alkalic type (Gibraltar, Highland Valley Copper, and Woodjam Southeast zone); pre-accretion alkalic type (New Afton, Copper Mountain, and Woodjam Deerhorn and Megabuck zones), and post-accretion calc-alkalic types (Huckleberry and Maggie). The geology and mineralization of these diverse deposit types will be examined; their similarities and differences, ore reserves, mining methods, metallurgy, economics and environmental considerations will be discussed.


October 18-21Title: Diamonds and Their Primary and Secondary Sources
Location: University of Pretoria | Pretoria, South Africa

This unique short course in diamond exploration and evaluation will be presented by a group of experts in their respective fields ranging from exploration methods, geophysical techniques appropriate to diamond exploration, mining methods, diamonds, mineral chemistry, petrography, Kimberlites/Lamproites and cratons, and secondary diamond deposits which will add significant value to those that are involved in these exciting fields. It has been several decades since the last major discovery was made and the markets will be looking for an additional production of diamonds in the future.


November 22-December 5Title: James Cook University SEG Student Chapter Field Trip
Location: Argentina/Chile

Low-Sulfidation Systems of Patagonia

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