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Student Events

2015 Events
April 22-24Title: SEG Student Chapter Leoben Workshop
Location: Montanuniversitaet Leoben | Leoben, Austria

Student Chapter Workshop: Analytical Fingerprinting (AFP) and Provenance Analysis of Geological and Biological Samples

Discussed topics:

  • Introducton to AFP methods
  • Geology and AFP of Sn-W-Ta deposits
  • AFP of marbles
  • Laser ablaton ICP-MS analysis of ore concentrates
  • AFP of biological materials
  • Statstcal methods and data evaluaton of AFP datasets
  • Refected light microscopy of Sn, W, Ta ores


April 25-May 7Title: Mineral Deposits of Northern Namibia
Location: Namibia, Africa

Colorado School of Mines SEG Student Chapter field trip in Namibia. Field trip leaders will be Dr. Murray Hitzman of the Colorado School of Mines and Dr. Roy Miller of the Geological Survey of Namibia.

Space will be limited for industry personnel. If you are interested, contact:
Halley Keevil, SEG Student Chapter President | or
Greg Hufford, SEG Student Chapter Vice President |


August 4-22Title: CODES and Lakehead University SEG Student Chapter Field Trip
Location: Iceland/Sweden

Learn about mineralization and alteration processes related to hydrothermal systems in ancient and modern volcanic terranes

Lectures and discussions with industry-leading experts and knowledgeable guides (Professors David R. Cooke, Jocelyn McPhie, Dr. Peter Hollings, and more).

For more information, contact