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Other Events

2017 Events
June 23-24Title: Mining Activities in the Mediterranean Region
Location: Sardinia, Italy

The Mediterranean basin, for all its history and cultural diversity, has never had a common point of contact for mining operators that have interests and operate in this area.

This symposium has the ambitious target of creating this central point of contact. The mining potential of the Mediterranean basin, from Spain to Israel, has been inhibited by the same factors that have prevented the creation of this central point of contact.


September 2-9Title: IAMG2017
Location: Esplanade Hotel Fremantle, Western Australia

On behalf of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG), you are invited to participate in the 18th Annual Conference, IAMG2017. The conference will be held in the historic port city of Fremantle in Western Australia.

The aim of the conference is to promote the advancement of mathematics, statistics and informatics in the geosciences. Areas of geoscience application include studies of the Earth, its natural resources and the environment.

Visit the conference website to learn more.

September 6-8Title: Discoveries in the Tasmanides, a Mines and Wines Conference
Location: Orange, NSW, Australia

Join us for the sixth conference on mineral exploration and project developments in the Tasmanides of eastern Australia. The conference boasts two days of technical presentations, a technical field trip, pre-conference short course and the famous conference dinner.

September 25-28Title: granites2017@benalla
Location: Benalla, Victoria, Australia

This conference, held in Benalla in September 2017, will bring together granite experts from around the world, from universities and industry in Australia, plus many who have worked on the iconic White and Chappell granite terrains of south-east Australia.

In collaboration with the Geological Society of Australia specialist group, there will be lecture sessions dedicated to non-granite igneous rocks, and another session will be for local non-specialist scientists interested in their country 'backyards'. That 'backyard' is in fact the Strathbogie Ranges comprised of the cordierite-bearing Strathbogie granite and Violet Town Volcanic Complex. Field trips will include the new ideas evolving through current field work and laboratory studies in Australian universities and South Africa.


October 21-25Title: Exploration '17
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Exploration '17 is the sixth of the very successful series of DMEC decennial mining exploration conferences, which have been held in the seventh year of every decade starting in 1967. The theme of the Exploration '17 conference is "Integrating the Geosciences: The Challenge of Discovery", featuring a multi-national, multi-disciplinary technical programme, exhibition, workshops and field schools.

2018 Events
February 18-21Title: Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference
Location: Sydney, Australia