Invited Speakers

Invited speakers will present visionary papers that reflect the broader environmental, social, and governance considerations affecting society and that will advance the responsible utilization of the planet's resources in the 21st century. Please be sure to look for them during technical sessions and special events.


Ross Beaty

Equinox Gold

Ross, Chair, Equinox Gold, founded Pan American Silver in 1994 and served as Chair until 2021; he was CEO of the company from its inception until 2004. Over 27 years, the company grew from a start-up to the world's second largest primary silver producer with the world's largest silver reserves and resources, while also becoming a significant gold producer.


Mike Daly

Oxford University

Mike is a visiting professor in tectonics and resources in the Earth Sciences Department at Oxford University. After a decade of field mapping and a doctorate in structural geology, Daly joined British Petroleum (BP) as a research exploration geologist. Almost 30 years later, he left BP having been Chief Geologist, Head of Exploration, and an executive vice president on BP’s group executive team. Daly then joined Oxford and leads a research group in modern basin analysis, integrating basic geologic principles with leading-edge geophysical and geodynamic tools. He is a principal investigator in the UK’s Copper Basin Exploration Science project and sits on the board of CGG, a geoscience technology company. He is a Harvard Business School alumnus and past president of the Geological Society of London.


Karen Hanghøj

British Geological Survey

Karen is the director of the British Geological Survey. She is a geologist with extensive experience in research and innovation management and the minerals and metals industry. Karen is passionate about understanding the complexity of resource management, about environmental and social sustainability, and about the role of geoscience in finding solutions to societal challenges.

Karen holds a Ph.D. in geology from the University of Copenhagen. She worked with research on geologic processes in the lower crust and mantle and their associated mineral deposits before taking senior leadership roles in research and innovation organizations. She is a member of a range of international committees and working groups.


Glen Nwaila

Wits Mining Institute

Glen is the director of the Wits Mining Institute and an adjunct professor at the School of Geosciences, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). Prior to joining Wits in 2017, he worked in the mining and consulting industries for 12 years, where he led teams of mining professionals and led audits in mineral resources and extractive metallurgy plants. In mining, Glen led the geology functions for various companies. He also served as manager at Deloitte. Glen has been an Erasmus Mundus Scholar at Uppsala University since 2018. He completed his Ph.D. magna cum laude at Würzburg University in Germany, an M.Sc. in chemical engineering at the University of Cape Town, and a geology degree at the University of Johannesburg. Glen is a professional natural scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions and is a Fellow of the Geological Society of South Africa. Glen and his students work on geometallurgy, machine learning, and spatial data analytics research projects related to multiscale and multivariate data integration to enable optimal decision-making in the presence of uncertainty.


Sabina Strmic Palinkas

UiT the Arctic University of Norway

Sabina is an associate professor in geochemistry and ore geology at UiT the Arctic University of Norway. She also holds an adjunct professor position at the University of Bergen, Norway. After receiving a Ph.D. degree in ore deposit geology from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 2009, she worked as a research fellow at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and as an assistant professor at the University of Zagreb. In fall 2015, she joined UiT, where her main goal is to establish an internationally recognized research program in ore geology and mineral resources. Her area of expertise comprises aqueous and high-temperature geochemistry, geochemical and thermodynamic modeling, and applications of organic geochemistry and stable isotope systematics to ore-forming and environmental processes. Her recent research interest is focused on submarine hydrothermal systems, including recent systems along the Arctic mid-ocean ridges as well as ancient systems preserved along the Scandinavian Caledonides and within the Fennoscandian Shield.


Charlotte Seabrook

Rupert Resources

Charlotte has been Exploration Manager at Rupert Resources in Finnish Lapland since 2018 and led the exploration team to the greenfields discovery of the Ikkari gold deposit in 2020. Charlie has nearly 20 years' experience in multicommodity exploration in various terranes including Australia and West and Central Africa. Her experience includes exploring the Central African Copperbelt and Birimian basin of West Africa, where she was integral to several discoveries in Ivory Coast while working for Newcrest as the district geologist. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of the Witwatersrand, holds an M.Sc. in mineral resources from the University of Wales (Cardiff), and is currently based in Finland.