Student and Early Career

Students and early career professionals bring innovative ideas and new skillsets into the workforce, but starting a career in economic geology can be challenging. Our committees have designed events during the conference to build connections with peers and to support the career advancement of those just starting out. Many planned events are free or at a reduced cost to make them more accessible.

View the conference schedule for dates and times. Details subject to change.

Professional Development

Career Advice Showcase 

Showcasing several different speakers, this series of talks will allow students and early career professionals to learn more about the wide range of career paths and opportunities available to them. While more "traditional" roles for exploration geologists will be discussed, there will also be presentations that explore diverse career options, some of which may surprise you!

CV Clinic

Throughout the conference, a CV (curriculum vitae) clinic will be available for anyone looking to have a quick drop-in session with an HR consultant to improve their résumé. This may also include a professional headshot photoshoot as well.

Mentor-Mentee Program

Making that first connection with somebody new at a conference can be daunting. This year's conference features a new Mentor-Mentee Program pairing students or early career professionals with a seasoned geologist, willing and ready to share their experiences and insights in industry and conference-attending.

Round Table Discussions 

Interactive discussions on various themes will be held. Students and early career professionals will interact with a diverse group of industry, university, and government professionals ready to provide advice and insight on these themes.

Registration will be capped at 90 participants.


Workshops are designed to complement the scope of the conference. Each workshop has limited space designated for students at reduced rates. For additional information, refer to the workshops page.



Careers Speed-Dating

If you are looking for a new opportunity or more information on a company, join the lunchtime "speed-dating" style networking event. It is entirely dedicated to connecting companies looking to hire with those seeking employment opportunities.

Networking Sessions

Two dedicated networking sessions will be held for students and early career professionals. Join us before the Career Advice Showcase for the Welcome session and immediately after the Round Table Discussions. Networking will allow you to engage more directly with conference attendees and follow-up on any topics or questions of interest raised during the discussions.

Geology of London Tour

An easy-going and fun-oriented tour of various sites in London, focusing on the geology that has underpinned the construction of buildings across the capital - and leading into the evening's social activities.

Flight Club Darts Social Event

Ahead of the start of the official program, students and early career professionals will be invited to join an informal and relaxed social evening of drinks and darts as a way of being able to meet-and-greet other conference attendees. This will be held at Flight Club Darts and may be preceded by a dinner.

Meeting Rooms

Several small rooms will be available exclusively for any follow-up meetings, small group discussions, or potential interviews stemming from any of the events or personal contacts you made during the conference.


Student Support

SEG Student Members whose abstracts are accepted will be considered for financial assistance, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Additional details can be found on the  student support page.