SEG 2023 Conference: Resourcing the Green Transition

August 26-29, 2023

London, United Kingdom

Mineral resources are critical to supporting sustainable development and ensuring the well-being of the world's expanding population. SEG 2023 will address the major challenges presented by the accelerated consumption of energy transition and other strategic metals. The context is global, with a spotlight on the European dimension in terms of metallogenic domains, past and future exploration, and mining potential. Field trips and workshops are being planned to expand on the technical program.

Invited speakers will present visionary papers that reflect the wider environmental, social, and governance considerations that can advance the responsible utilization of the planet's resources. Networking opportunities are a key feature for this SEG conference—virtually and in London. Programs designed specifically for students and early career professionals will allow them to connect with each other and with industry leaders.

Session Themes

Copper – Red Metal for a Green Future

Battery Metals – the Drivers of Future Energy Supply

Gold – Responsible Discovery and Mining in the 21st Century

European Metals – Historic Districts – New Opportunities

Advances in Mineral Deposit Geoscience

Transformational Science, Engineering, and Governance in Economic Geology


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