Distinguished Lecturer Committee Guidelines


The SEG Distinguished Lecturer Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations for the SEG Distinguished Lecturer, as described in Article X, Section 10.1(e) of the SEG Bylaws. The purpose of the Committee is to identify, in accordance with the guidelines governing the lectureship, appropriate lecturer candidates and recommend them to the Council for final selection.

Composition and Term

The Distinguished Lecturer Committee consists of six members, including a chair, representing the main fields and geographic distribution of Society membership. Each committee member serves a three-year term.

Committee Functions

The Committee annually solicits and receives nominations for candidates from the Society membership-at-large to serve as the SEG Distinguished Lecturer. The Distinguished Lecturer is selected on the basis of "preeminence in economic geology," either on some phase or phases of scientific research or on the application of the science to minerals exploration and/or development. The lecture shall be based on current research or applied economic geology and shall be presented at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Society. The Committee reviews, evaluates, and ranks the nominations. The recommendations of the Committee, together with supporting data, should reach the Executive Director by August 31 each year who in turn will distribute the material to the SEG Council for their review and final selection. Committee members who provide nominations must declare that they are free from any conflicts of interest.

It is strongly recommended that the committee submit to the SEG Council the names of at least two qualified candidates. If the recommended candidate is unable to serve as a Lecturer, the alternate will be selected.

Chair Functions

The current Chair should contact the SEG headquarters to obtain the previous year's committee report plus any files for eligible carryover candidates. During the deliberation and selection process in July, it is very important to stay in contact with the Chair of the SEG Traveling Lecturers Committee to make sure there is no overlap with candidates being considered by the International Exchange Lecturer, Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer, and Regional Vice President Lecturer sub-committees. Once the committee decides on the nominee, the Chair must contact that person to ascertain their willingness to accept the lectureship. The Chair submits the final report with committee recommendations to the Executive Director by August 31 each year.

Critical Dates/Deadlines

The call for nominations should be published in the April issue of the newsletter with the request that nominations be forwarded to the Chair of the Committee and SEG headquarters. The call may be repeated in email member broadcasts as well.

Date Action Item Date Action Item Responsible Party
First Quarter Committee Welcome Chair
February 28 Call for nominations; April newsletter copy deadline SEG headquarters staff
March–July Solicit and receive nominations Committee
July 15 Nominations deadline Chair to distribute all nominations to Committee
July 15–31 Deliberation and selection Committee
August 1–14 Contact nominee to ascertain willingness to accept lectureship Chair
August 15 Recommendations and Report Committee and Chair
August 31 Send final report to Executive Director for Council agenda book Chair
October 31 Nominated Distinguished Lecturer notification Society President

Documentation to Accompany SEG Distinguished Lecturer Nominations

The following list includes the information needed by the Committee and provides a uniform basis for consideration of all nominees. Nominee information should also be included in the final report to the Executive Director for the Council agenda book.

  • Name
  • Date/place of birth
  • Resumé/CV
  • Brief summary of accomplishments, honors, awards, and publications that establish the Lecture candidate's "preeminence in economic geology."
  • Brief statement summarizing current research and/or contributions to applied economic geology that would form the basis for the lecture. Potential talk titles (2).