Description Amount
SEG General Fund
Supports key Society programs including conferences, publishing, and student chapters.
Foundation General Fund
Supports broad-purpose education including student membership, traveling lecturers, and international programs.
-- Discovery Fund
Funding of existing student programs aimed at developing a new generation of economic geologists.
-- Hugo T. Dummett Fund
Supports resourceful applicants using the best available science for mineral discovery.
-- Alberto Terrones L. Fund
Supports Latin American students, especially in Mexico and Peru, to study in the USA and Canada.
-- Timothy Nutt Fund
Supports students and young professionals in Zimbabwe and southern Africa.
-- Student Field Trip Fund
Selects top students to visit world-class mining districts with experienced mentors.
-- Graduate Student Fellowship Fund
Provides fellowships for students intending to pursue economic geology leading to an M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree.
-- Hugh E. McKinstry Fund
Provides grants for study, research, and teaching of the science of economic geology.
-- Hickok-Radford Fund
Supports young scientists pursuing field research in economic geology at high elevations and latitudes.
-- Eric P. Nelson Fund
Supports students conducting field work that includes structural geology as applied to ore deposits and metallogeny.
Canada Foundation
Supports broad-purpose education including student research grant and fellowship programs with a Canadian connection.
Total (US $)