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Fundraising and Sponsorship

Questions regarding fundraising, sponsorship, and contributions.

Amanda Wolz | +1 (720) 551-6482 |

Education and Training Events

Visit and for additional details regarding upcoming professional development offerings.

Questions regarding specific event content or logistics, waitlists, or initiative proposals.

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Technical Support

Questions regarding event registration and payment, issues with electronic purchases (PDFs and eDocs) from the SEG Store, broken links, and website related questions.

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Shipping and Orders

Questions regarding print publication orders (excluding PDF "eDocs"), placing an order over email, and general building questions.

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Member Services

Visit for instructions on accessing the journal and newsletter online.

Questions regarding signing in (if you are locked out or an inactive member), general membership information, ellowship, and paying dues, or issues with delivery of SEG Discovery.

Laura Kuhn | +1 (720) 551-6308 |

Student Services

Questions regarding SEG Student Chapters, grants, student field trips, and other student related inquiries (except membership).

Institutional Subscriptions

Questions regarding institutional subscriptions to Economic Geology, renewal payments, accessing the journal at, or issues with delivery of Economic Geology.