SEG Publication Ethics


The Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) requires that authors of all its publications adhere to the ethical standards set forward by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). SEG publications include, but are not limited to, Economic Geology, the Reviews in Economic Geology series, SEG Special Publications, the SEG Guidebook series, and the SEG Discovery.


Authors listed for a paper submitted must include all authors and exclude authors who do not meet the requirements of authorship. As stated by COPE, "Responsibility for the correct attribution of authorship lies with authors themselves working under the guidance of their institution." Authors should agree on what their standards are for authorship inclusion.

Plagiarism, Originality, Duplicate Publication

Taking someone else's work or ideas and using them without giving credit is plagiarism. Submissions for publication should be the original work of the author(s). Credit must be given to previous work by appropriate referencing. When specific text from another work us used, it must appear in quotation marks and the reference should include the page number from the quoted work.

A submitted manuscript must not have been published elsewhere in any language. Concurrent submission to an SEG publication and another publisher are not acceptable without prior permission from the SEG Editor. Duplicate publication is not permitted. Substantial overlapping of work with a previously published paper constitutes duplicate publication and is not permitted without specifically stated editorial permission and under special circumstances.

Submitting a manuscript to more than one publication is unethical, including submission of material that is substantially the same as material in a concurrent submission.

Responsible Research

Work should be scrupulously reviewed and results checked without inappropriate data manipulation. Authors of collaborative papers should all have read and be prepared to take responsibility for material submitted, results obtained, and conclusions drawn.

Unnecessary Citation

Only citations relevant to the manuscript should be used. Unnecessary and excessive self-citation for the purpose of increasing the author(s)' number of citations is unethical.

Copyright Infringement

Authors sign a transfer of copyright agreement when publishing with SEG. The published work is protected by that copyright and posting online (e.g., on academic archives or scientific networking websites) of the content by authors or others is unethical. An exception applies to work published in Economic Geology for which Open Access fees have been paid prior to publication. In accordance with the SEG's Green Open Access policy, pre-print versions of work approved for publication in Economic Geology may be posted online one year after the date indicated on the cover of the journal issue in which the paper appears.