Hickok-Radford Fund

The Hickok-Radford Fund was established by family and friends in memory of Bruce D. Hickok and Geoff W. Radford, both of whom were extreme outdoorsmen and extraordinary exploration geologists, who died in a tragic avalanche accident in 1992. The purpose of the fund is "to encourage young scientists to pursue field research and internship to private industry through investigations which will advance the science of economic geology and, in particular, the application of science in the exploration for metallic mineral deposits, with preference given to projects located in Alaska, northern Canada and other regions north of Latitude 60 North, or for projects at very high elevations elsewhere and extreme southern latitudes."

Bruce D. Hickok (1954-1992)
Geoff W. Radford (1954-1992)

In November 1992, a tragic avalanche accident in the Chugach Mountains near Anchorage took the lives of exploration geologists Bruce Hickok and Geoff Radford. Both long-time Alaska residents, Bruce and Geoff were known in the exploration industry for their ability to conduct quality field work under difficult conditions in remote settings. Their mutual love of the outdoors bonded a personal friendship that included skiing and endurance runs in the mountains near their homes in Anchorage. Because of their appreciation of life and all that it has to offer, family and friends decided to establish a fund to maintain a living memory of them.

In the April 1994 issue of the SEG Newsletter, SEG Foundation president Ernie Ohle announced an agreement between the Hickok-Radford Fund and the SEGF which establishes the foundation as the fund manager responsible for the awarding of monies generated by the fund principal. Administration is under the direction of the foundation's Special Grants Committee composed of SEG members, including two members designated by founders of the Hickok-Radford Fund.

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